Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Watching some recent clips of Went at Paley,then an episode of one of the current "drama's" I am watching,reminded me of Paris 2006.

Another classic without doubt and a constant favourite - one that has been teased here many times.

Hopefully he was fluent when last there in June. ;)

I love both these interviews - similar but in direct contrast too.

So from this ...
"crack the whip - its your job.."

(laughing with his publicist)

to this..

.."no I don't".. 

(looking to see if anyone heard..)

Yes Went you do - its your job..*soundofawhipcrack-lol

:) :) :)

Thank you Went 
Loveu xxx

Visions of Morocco (5 Directors,Intensity,Sand..).
@youtube '@xanadu @bbc 'davedeedozybeakymickandtitch

and Calamity Jane .. ;). 

I once was lucky enough to travel over the incredible Black Hills - it was similar.. 

Film Version @Calamity Jane 'DorisDay @Youtube

Album Version

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