Tuesday, 8 August 2017

#Streaming Un-interrupted

Went says we have to come out many times in many ways.

So I am just re-affirming an "out" of long standing - I love the Art of Television,Film,Entertainment Media.I like watching it.listening and learning from it.

Being able (usually) to multi-watch via mobile streaming across more than one platform is just an amazing use of technology - used all ready for so many amazing things (Technological CEO's - if they read this blog - are sighing with the banality of my statement.. but it is still amazing!!)

But this morning I had a surreal moment of Streaming Overlap.

I am watching "The Americans" one day and "Billions" the next, on the mobile solution.Easily transportable through the house with a pause as required but basically uninterrupted viewing of my choosing.

I am enjoying "The Americans"- excellent drama and acting-  with Matthew Rhys (loved his work especially on Brothers and Sisters) Kerri Russell, Noah Emmerich, and Richard Thomas. 

Noah was a friend to "Truman",visited the White House and in this series plays an FBI agent - Stan Beeman. Richard, once a Walton has also done a lot of work in between that role to this so, in the Americans he played an FBI Agent called Frank Gaad .. ;) 

Change streaming day to "Billions" - again superb entertainment and acting from all - main and recurring cast.

While watching the beginning of an episode this morning I noticed that Noah Emmerich directed it . Then as the show moved on ,and me knowing that I was in the 2017 era rather than the 80's,Richard Thomas appeared on screen..in discussion with Damian Lewis who is superb as Bobby Axelrod.

There was a moment of streaming overlap raising the question of what "stream was I in".. great actors in different eras and actual time - I am catching up with both drama's from Season 1 onward - and they overlapped in Season 2 Episode 4 of Billions.

Seeing Richard Thomas also made me pause for a moment . Great to see him again. Enjoyed his work in The Waltons but it was good to watch his work in both "The Americans" and "Billions".

I thought of the opportunity's for Actors,Directors,Producers,Writers and all involved in media and entertainment but then I thought about the Character roles. 

I remember always a film where Richard Thomas played a character based on a true story that was powerful and still "sits" in my mind today, recalled when I saw his face.It was an afternoon movie with a strong message - hence the reason it was made into a film.

It was about Sioux City Airport,a man who had a work ethic that I admired and liked to apply as able. That is why I remember it so vividly.It about planning,rehearsal and preparation - Went's work ethic also. Michael Scofield too - preparing and adapting.

But the streaming fun this morning also led to more writing - on another page - of Went,Lions and Jackets- triggered in part by Chuck Rhodes (the brilliant Paul Giamatti) sitting in his office surrounded by Law books.

I continue to stream - sometimes interrupted.

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