Saturday, 5 August 2017

#OnSet and #Mobile

Thankyou to @Kristian Bailey - award winning sound mixer from #PB5 and #CWLegends of Tomorrow.

Standing tall in the scene that shows them escaping from Crete to Marseilles,(#WineDarkSea #Progeny),Went, along with Dom ,Amaury and Augustus give us a brief insight to a celluloid pause before Action starts up again.

My initial thought too is that Went and Dom are receiving a co-ordinated message on both phones i.e ...sail to rendezvous point ..or similar,that could be in keeping with the actual storyline of that episode. 

Entitled "Behind the Scenes",the photo could actually be "on script". It makes me think of all the moments that a mobile phone is now used - across all Film and TV mediums. It is the cultural phenomenon that features consistently in one form or another sometimes the "mobile" even playing its own prominent role - depending on the era and time travelling culture. 

In that case how then does a Director know that when an Actor is looking at his mobile phone "on script" that they are not infact just checking up on their latest "Alert Notification"? 

Actor's are trained to not be distracted - and can improvise if not adapt to ensure seamless delivery of the words and action on the page. So mobile messaging - "on set" - "in script" - I'm sure has been done somewhere "in film".

I tease - I have no doubt at all that Actors when using a mobile for "in script" purposes are being the professionals they are and leaving their own phones "off set" - but the thought of it did make me smile.

It is a great photo and thanks again to Kristian for sharing it and to all the guys for taking the respite.
Love xx

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