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Looking for Leonard - part 1

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As mentioned on here but still coming in of new #Legends joining the team and campaigns to get characters into the storylines.

A great chat with Caity and exciting news overall for the #Berlanti #CW #DC #Universe..

but.. I was thinking about Leonard.

By random linking this morning I came across this #iceberg. I have seen it before but it was found in the context of something else rather than looking for Leonard.

  • I wear a gold bangle on my wrist that fell off - unusually.
  • While reaching to find it I was scrolling through some tweets. I came across tweets remembering a Sikh community.
  • The bangle and the tweet took me to "An English Patient". Namely Naveen Andrews who played Kip Singh - who I think wore a bangle similar to mine as did a Sikh friend I once knew.
  • Researching Naveen's work I had forgotten that he was in LOST . The series watched by family but not by me other than episode 1.
  • I clicked to LOST.Read some of the background. Learnt some facts that I was unaware of. Didn't realise that Titus (Bosch) and Allison (CJ Cregg) were in it at one point or another.
  • Learned about the background Mythology namely The Man in Black and the Smoke Monster - reminding me of  an essay I had written at school - castigated by the teacher for being "different". Seemed appropriate.
  • Saw a link to "iD" psychology,and clicked through to #Forbidden Planet and then "Id Ego" - hello to Freud.
  • Among and despite all the fascinating information - some gleaned before - through structural model to Id to ego to super ego, the diagram of the "Iceberg Metaphor" . 

This is Leonard to me.

Image result for iceberg metaphor psychology

The writers of Captain Cold,we are told, are looking at him in a "new way" - we are going to see a different Leonard. I am excited to see his character unfold through #Legends and #The Flash.So how will it be different?
He might be influenced by the different areas of the iceberg.Leonard has certainly dug deep - leading his life on an unconscious level according to Freud,pulling in the conscious thought in order to refine his unconscious, no doubt drawing on his sub conscious flow - aka knowledge - regulary.

The analogy of it is that each area of the "berg" is a part of the psyche that relates, works, fights, supports with the others. 

Leonard in a glacial shell.He is, and is within, the "iceberg". Add in genetics and upbringing, Leonard Snart is anything but Cold. He is infact a cauldron of constantly melting ice.. pulled up into the graphical representation in analogy of an Ice Berg by wearing the Parka and carrying the ice gun.

The depths of Leonard's Iceberg exposes and opens up so many areas of his personality that can be interweaved into scripts across the multiverse. 

This iceberg reminds me too of an Ice Cream Cone  if not Cornett - as we call it sometimes in the UK. That of course is totally appropriate for filming purposes. 

However,sensitively, please do not mention Icebergs to Victor...  

Furthermore - this find was interesting. Linked on a page of Iceberg psychology

Is", "is." "is"—the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I don't know what anything "is"; I only know how it seems to me at this moment.
— Robert Anton Wilson, The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, as spoken by Sigismundo Celine.

My own discussion,in my head - perhaps out loud "is" (!) this .. 

Went once said of his Silver Pendant that he bought it because "it just is". I understood it.

I have used the same expression often - especially where love is concerned .. "it.."just is.." ,for example.

So if we start to use .. "I only know how it seems to me at the moment" - we are taking up a lot of words as written and verbalised - eleven in two.. in summing up a moment,an understanding..

I like eloquent language but sometimes and often, "Just Is".. seems to suit a moment perfectly.

Using.. "Just. Is." ... seems totally sensible to me.  

...or maybe ..that is how it seems to me at the moment.

love xxx
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