Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I finished Paul's book today - The Far Shore. For various reasons it had taken me a while to complete but I did - today.

It made me think of a lot of things - and had a sense of familiarity about it. In many ways the words of Paul have probably transcended through the words of all in Prison Break over these many years. Perhaps that is why.

Reading both the preface and final comments added in extra information about Paul - that perhaps I had read before but not fully appreciated.

Learning that he wrote and directed both The Experiment and created,co-wrote and co produced Klondike,was obviously needing greater reading - and watching at some point.

Great to see Augustus Prew too - who obviously knows and appreciates and is thankful for the talent of Paul Scheuring - like so many of us.

Thank you Paul - for all your words and hope to see more very soon( the form of a Season 6!!?).. 

#hugs x


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