Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Kale and Kat's

Today was a #PB day with a cross over into the #DC Universe with a touch of "realism" also. 

Quite naturally too.

When offered the drinks menu I ordered the #KK - Kale Kick - for 'Teddy' aka Robert and Paul.

Prior to that, I supported a Cat Charity ,becoming a sponsor 'parent' for two cats.. one called Minty and one called Teddy Ruxpin.

Both names have links to a childhood , a 'Teddy' a favourite sensation,a colour ,a book, a screen play and a fantastic actor who - on release from Joliet this time - was mystified by the green stuff.

 At the top of the Eiffel Tower in 2016 - when the #Legends including #Cat aka Caity were in town,our guide from New Jersey gave us all 'superhero' names. He named me Catwoman. 

Telepathic (!) or maybe the mask and my pointed CatSpocklike Ears gave it away.? 

Remembering all the cats from my Peppermint Kitten children's book to Ted and Mint ....

..and obviously.. this Cat.
Love xxx


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