Monday, 7 August 2017


Listening to this wonderful speech again. Especially pertinent today.

As this starts, I think that we hear Went really laughing - sounds like him.

But - despite that - this is an especially powerful speech - and I would also call it sensitive and gentle.

The words are harsh in truth wrapped in his velvet tone.

As I read around a topic today primarily with regard to Went's college - despite some fun reading - I thought of this - hence playing it again.

I will carry this with me,remembering his words as I plan to visit a Campus.

I have long felt the need to visit - prior to this - and I have the opportunity now.
Why visit? 

Because he survived - he was depressed and anxious so hated it and had to suffer it - but then came out of it thankfully- a different person with some great memories - despite his Freshman fall. 

It was a hugely impactful time in his life's journey that resurfaced in later years by sharing here. Went came face to face with speaking his truth as he has done since and before.

And his college experience led to LA,Acting,Career  - while still struggling with Depressive Mental Health, .. and his opportunity to share his experiences in order to teach and support others for this newer vision of life on a Campus. 

Love you gorgeous man 



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