Saturday, 12 August 2017

Alive in Art

Went's facebook page has had a profile picture update. The amazing art work of Grant Barnhart. Originally posted in 2014.

Looking at this again,I can see the pink tone of his cover photo,reflected around his head.

This throwback especially pertinent too, in the week where Jim Carrey stunned many with his incredible Art and the story told along with it.

He needed color. 

We all need color. 

I am certain that all Artists use their Art as a life force and resonate with his words here. His description of living in his bedroom for half of his childhood writing,drawing and loving the solitude was very pertinent - many of us have been "there ".Beautiful work.

Jim reminded me also of all the other talented "stars" - known for other creative "entertainment outlet's",who suddenly show us their hidden talents. Sometimes hidden for a long time.Went and STOKER is an obvious reference here.

So in the week where I saw Jim's Art for the first time ,I also watched "Mr Silk" - Harry Lennix - in a current US Drama series..#whoknew? - still sharing his "artform"

.. and..

..a beautiful #Pink #Elephant popped into my Instafeed for #Elephantday - from the account of Sir Anthony Hopkins.. leaving his indelible "creative entertainment outlet".. for us all to enjoy.

Went once said in his interview in Poland not to leave "creativity" in a drawer - share it as able. Thank goodness those mentioned here  - and others - did just that.


Beautiful work too Grant -  a beautiful and creative reflection of Went.The clear,sharp light captured in Went's eyes draw you in - in every sense.
Image may contain: 1 person, stripes

Thank you Went for sharing  - including all of your creativity  - thus far.

Jim talks about..

"the bottom line -" is love...we want to show ourselves and be accepted...

Art - in all its forms -is the evidence of being alive." 

So true.

Love you Went

All the Feels #CalvinHarris @Youtube

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