Thursday, 3 August 2017

Again August

When Went was 42 - he did this...

..and for 3 years,in any month, but especially in August, I repost links to his exquisite video and photoshoot for #Augustman #Malaysia.

It is a personal portrait.And could have been taken any time.

We have been lucky to have seen other powerful photo essays of him and from him since.But it is August - and this catapulted my heart even further than before - which basically means it is still and always "August".

However I am conscious of, and have always noticed, those who helped put this together. No doubt Went was the creative driving force and I am certain had the concept and context too - supported by those around ,experts in such matters. Their names do not feature on the first clip but I wanted to draw attention to them.

Just to say ..thank you.

I am certain that Went made the day go smoothly and almost effortlessly leaving a profound "aura" behind after the shoot. I loved the concept,the colour,the art and the light and the "natural kissable rawness" of Went's elegance. Little if no "make up" used (thanks to Nanette - who knows his skin well)- this could have been an opportunity to smooth some texture's here and there - but instead there was an opportunity to see him deeper than skin deep. Not afraid to show himself as he is - likes to be. 

Smart Gentleman Traditional Stylish Romantic Dashing Tall Handsome Chivalrous Confident Positive Sensual Sexy. 

It told me a story of a date. A next day. A manboy and a man.
It may have been August 2014 but Marc Feurestein was also there that day. Who knew that another Mark Feurstein would be joining Went on set  less than two year's later for #PB5.

And for all the "grogginess" the photoshoot and video produced,the music was aptly named and suited the video very well. 

Still an amazing piece of Art both for the magazine shoot - more credits inside - and for the video.

Thank you to all who took part - especially the "talent".. ;)


Posted originally on 'Vimeo

Featuring Wentworth Miller

Photographer Chiun- Kai Shih @chunkyexpress   
Director Sam Roden
Stylist Jeanne Yang
Hair and Grooming Nanette New
Digital Technician Paul Collins
Producer Clarissa Morales
on set Producer Marc Feurestein
Sound Mixer Alex Carpenter
photography post-production Smootch NYC
talent Wentworth Miller
shot at HQ Avalon Studios

Music "Groggy" The Trumpet and the Bull - Performed by Mark J Inouye

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