Saturday, 26 August 2017


just some #Attitude...

Friday, 25 August 2017

#Legend #CW #DC #Updates

Some #legends #DC #CW updates including a new #CW #Promo before I cross over to #instablogging as able, as I travel. 

Looking forward to the new #CW and especially the #Flash and #Legends,seasons.

..and Went most of all.

Love as Always 


Taken around the time of Comic Con Prison Break Panel and interviews in 2016. 

Went in Michael - A Stunning Portrait

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Watching Season 2 of Prison Break as I write this .

As I watch again - possibly the 4th time - I find myself liking Theodore more this time around ..


...because... I know that he is integral to rescuing Michael in Season 5.!!

Is that bad?

As we speak Michael is in handcuffs - what else is new? 

The theme will carry on - infact an mini spin off docu/drama/series called Handcuff Break could be interesting with a statistical (analytical in chalk) analysis of how much time Went spent in handcuffs across 1-5 ..(and he only ever mentioned the Tatt's.. a lot)!! :) xx

BTW - Alex Mahone has just proudly arrested Mike and Dom - little does he know.!!

Image result for prison break season 2

And I am reminded - earlier episode - of the need to do some ironing. Still a great shot Sarah - sorry Paul.

Thank you online streaming platform - enjoying as always the superb #PB re-run,seeing Went and the team while multi-tasking.


Monday, 21 August 2017


A historic day for #Eclipse seekers and watchers. 

I posted a photo of Went on Instagram today using the "Moon" filter as I thought it appropriate for the day. I really hope that he manages to feel it and experience it along with millions of others. As he has posted photos from Oregon before,I am hoping that he is there - the clearest place apparently and not too far from Vancouver.

The last total eclipse in the UK in 1999 I remember very well.A family member had an interview that day and I remember thinking that the company wasn't mindful of History - even if it was only minutes long.

Prior to totality,I had washing on the line - then as the moon took hold,it seemed silly standing out in the dark checking if it was dry. The birds all sat watching me on the TV Ariel's with no song but over the back gardens, children still carried on as normal. One of the gardens had a paddling pool - that was "splashing" prior to and during the moon chill.I remember thinking that the children were too young to understand and hopefully would get another opportunity.

In lasting only minutes,the Total Eclipse is a lasting memory. 

Enjoy the moment USA. I will be watching you watching #Eclipse17 .


Image from NASA

Saturday, 19 August 2017


For those in the know - I am suffering from Went Drought. If you have been reading this blog since 2009 ,you know I have mentioned this before. In my speak and interpretation, a Went Drought is not seeing him and hearing no news or very little - for a reasonable period of time. There have been some very notable ones over the years - we now know why as shared on his Facebook Page and discussed in his HRC speech.So when news- and instapaps - are in short (no) supply,I am in my saddest form of any or alter ego.  

The last photo was early June,just after Paris,which seems an eternity ago. The time span is a constant void even though life and other loving,supportive energies carries on around. Understanding that Went's time,space,revitalisiation of energy,work planning,family visiting,reading,writing - just resting emotionally,physically and mentally - is paramount to Went's overall time in his well being... I get that. I know that, as far as I think I can know , and I understand it. 

But..I'm shouting out loud and proud in the silence to say that I love and am missing him.

and I think what I am really saying is ..
that I'd like an email or a text or photo just to let me know how he is. 
Thank you.


Following on from an equation theme as demonstrated by Went a few days ago,I watched the film Hidden Figures yesterday.

The most amazing story of three women in NASA who helped instigate an important part of the change in history for both Equality and for Women's rights in segregated America - not forgetting NASA itself. Uncovered geniuses that the World didn't necessarily know about, let alone in understanding the impact they have had for Space Travel. 

Inspired even before watching and in preparing my holiday reading - and listening - I picked up a light book for adults about Quantum Mechanics to take with me. I might take it with me to Princeton - and ask someone to explain it to me.. :).. part of the challenge of Freshers Week..?.. :). 

We are all life long learners...and we learn daily.

Thinking of Went obviously,also"Leonard", who is going to be learning something new next season and "engineering Michael Scofield".
Hoping to see all of them very soon.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A #Distraction

Many ,many people over many ,many years have always thought that Went is a constant distraction in my life.

A constant - yes. A distraction - no.

For example the video above - his birthday dance. On the list of favourite all time videos this one is pretty high.But look at this video with new eyes and what do you see?

I notice the lighting,the rich tapestry of Moroccan fabric overhead.I see - and hear - a handful of tambourines being expertly and rhythmically "rattled". Drums accompany them along with the watchful eye of the mobile phone cameras.!!

Notice too the lovely flooring and costumes ,lots of hats and a cultural reference to a corporation and a country. Meanwhile the birthday cake is being eaten . To see that however you have to look at the two men dancing right in the middle of the floor - one of them distracting me (just a little) from the complete overview.

One of his most moving Videos ever! 

Simply a fact - not  a distraction.... ;)

Thank you 

Chalk Boards

Inspired by Went's chalk and chemistry board photo , I found this.

For all teachers everywhere who still use and try to use chalk quietly .Enjoy your summer break.


#teachers #educators #chalkboards 
Love xx 


Went,aka Michael, has beautifully re-emerged into our Social Media streams post #PB5.

Lovely photographs taken from an interview not yet fully published (?),of Went/Michael in a classroom with a backdrop of Engineering Mathematical Equations. 

Took me straight back to Panama .. and a University... a film or a few that feature similar backdrops with Professorial Type Characters /Actors (Russell,Robin,Noah,Dominic,Matt,Ed.. Octavia and her team... etc etc.)

So many films and visual memories of such a setting..on screen and in my mind.

.. likewise there are so many "named" versions of these photos that unfortunately,I cannot name the actual source. 

But no doubt that will also emerge more clearly. 

Thanks however to Went,#FOX and, in this case, fas_went from Instagram.

Delighted to see these.

Love xx


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Alive in Art

Went's facebook page has had a profile picture update. The amazing art work of Grant Barnhart. Originally posted in 2014.

Looking at this again,I can see the pink tone of his cover photo,reflected around his head.

This throwback especially pertinent too, in the week where Jim Carrey stunned many with his incredible Art and the story told along with it.

He needed color. 

We all need color. 

I am certain that all Artists use their Art as a life force and resonate with his words here. His description of living in his bedroom for half of his childhood writing,drawing and loving the solitude was very pertinent - many of us have been "there ".Beautiful work.

Jim reminded me also of all the other talented "stars" - known for other creative "entertainment outlet's",who suddenly show us their hidden talents. Sometimes hidden for a long time.Went and STOKER is an obvious reference here.

So in the week where I saw Jim's Art for the first time ,I also watched "Mr Silk" - Harry Lennix - in a current US Drama series..#whoknew? - still sharing his "artform"

.. and..

..a beautiful #Pink #Elephant popped into my Instafeed for #Elephantday - from the account of Sir Anthony Hopkins.. leaving his indelible "creative entertainment outlet".. for us all to enjoy.

Went once said in his interview in Poland not to leave "creativity" in a drawer - share it as able. Thank goodness those mentioned here  - and others - did just that.


Beautiful work too Grant -  a beautiful and creative reflection of Went.The clear,sharp light captured in Went's eyes draw you in - in every sense.
Image may contain: 1 person, stripes

Thank you Went for sharing  - including all of your creativity  - thus far.

Jim talks about..

"the bottom line -" is love...we want to show ourselves and be accepted...

Art - in all its forms -is the evidence of being alive." 

So true.

Love you Went

All the Feels #CalvinHarris @Youtube

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


I finished Paul's book today - The Far Shore. For various reasons it had taken me a while to complete but I did - today.

It made me think of a lot of things - and had a sense of familiarity about it. In many ways the words of Paul have probably transcended through the words of all in Prison Break over these many years. Perhaps that is why.

Reading both the preface and final comments added in extra information about Paul - that perhaps I had read before but not fully appreciated.

Learning that he wrote and directed both The Experiment and created,co-wrote and co produced Klondike,was obviously needing greater reading - and watching at some point.

Great to see Augustus Prew too - who obviously knows and appreciates and is thankful for the talent of Paul Scheuring - like so many of us.

Thank you Paul - for all your words and hope to see more very soon( the form of a Season 6!!?).. 

#hugs x


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

#Streaming Un-interrupted

Went says we have to come out many times in many ways.

So I am just re-affirming an "out" of long standing - I love the Art of Television,Film,Entertainment Media.I like watching it.listening and learning from it.

Being able (usually) to multi-watch via mobile streaming across more than one platform is just an amazing use of technology - used all ready for so many amazing things (Technological CEO's - if they read this blog - are sighing with the banality of my statement.. but it is still amazing!!)

But this morning I had a surreal moment of Streaming Overlap.

I am watching "The Americans" one day and "Billions" the next, on the mobile solution.Easily transportable through the house with a pause as required but basically uninterrupted viewing of my choosing.

I am enjoying "The Americans"- excellent drama and acting-  with Matthew Rhys (loved his work especially on Brothers and Sisters) Kerri Russell, Noah Emmerich, and Richard Thomas. 

Noah was a friend to "Truman",visited the White House and in this series plays an FBI agent - Stan Beeman. Richard, once a Walton has also done a lot of work in between that role to this so, in the Americans he played an FBI Agent called Frank Gaad .. ;) 

Change streaming day to "Billions" - again superb entertainment and acting from all - main and recurring cast.

While watching the beginning of an episode this morning I noticed that Noah Emmerich directed it . Then as the show moved on ,and me knowing that I was in the 2017 era rather than the 80's,Richard Thomas appeared on discussion with Damian Lewis who is superb as Bobby Axelrod.

There was a moment of streaming overlap raising the question of what "stream was I in".. great actors in different eras and actual time - I am catching up with both drama's from Season 1 onward - and they overlapped in Season 2 Episode 4 of Billions.

Seeing Richard Thomas also made me pause for a moment . Great to see him again. Enjoyed his work in The Waltons but it was good to watch his work in both "The Americans" and "Billions".

I thought of the opportunity's for Actors,Directors,Producers,Writers and all involved in media and entertainment but then I thought about the Character roles. 

I remember always a film where Richard Thomas played a character based on a true story that was powerful and still "sits" in my mind today, recalled when I saw his face.It was an afternoon movie with a strong message - hence the reason it was made into a film.

It was about Sioux City Airport,a man who had a work ethic that I admired and liked to apply as able. That is why I remember it so vividly.It about planning,rehearsal and preparation - Went's work ethic also. Michael Scofield too - preparing and adapting.

But the streaming fun this morning also led to more writing - on another page - of Went,Lions and Jackets- triggered in part by Chuck Rhodes (the brilliant Paul Giamatti) sitting in his office surrounded by Law books.

I continue to stream - sometimes interrupted.

#Prison Break #season4 @FOX
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Monday, 7 August 2017


Listening to this wonderful speech again. Especially pertinent today.

As this starts, I think that we hear Went really laughing - sounds like him.

But - despite that - this is an especially powerful speech - and I would also call it sensitive and gentle.

The words are harsh in truth wrapped in his velvet tone.

As I read around a topic today primarily with regard to Went's college - despite some fun reading - I thought of this - hence playing it again.

I will carry this with me,remembering his words as I plan to visit a Campus.

I have long felt the need to visit - prior to this - and I have the opportunity now.
Why visit? 

Because he survived - he was depressed and anxious so hated it and had to suffer it - but then came out of it thankfully- a different person with some great memories - despite his Freshman fall. 

It was a hugely impactful time in his life's journey that resurfaced in later years by sharing here. Went came face to face with speaking his truth as he has done since and before.

And his college experience led to LA,Acting,Career  - while still struggling with Depressive Mental Health, .. and his opportunity to share his experiences in order to teach and support others for this newer vision of life on a Campus. 

Love you gorgeous man 



Sunday, 6 August 2017

Looking for Leonard - part 1

#Legends #News

As mentioned on here but still coming in of new #Legends joining the team and campaigns to get characters into the storylines.

A great chat with Caity and exciting news overall for the #Berlanti #CW #DC #Universe..

but.. I was thinking about Leonard.

By random linking this morning I came across this #iceberg. I have seen it before but it was found in the context of something else rather than looking for Leonard.

  • I wear a gold bangle on my wrist that fell off - unusually.
  • While reaching to find it I was scrolling through some tweets. I came across tweets remembering a Sikh community.
  • The bangle and the tweet took me to "An English Patient". Namely Naveen Andrews who played Kip Singh - who I think wore a bangle similar to mine as did a Sikh friend I once knew.
  • Researching Naveen's work I had forgotten that he was in LOST . The series watched by family but not by me other than episode 1.
  • I clicked to LOST.Read some of the background. Learnt some facts that I was unaware of. Didn't realise that Titus (Bosch) and Allison (CJ Cregg) were in it at one point or another.
  • Learned about the background Mythology namely The Man in Black and the Smoke Monster - reminding me of  an essay I had written at school - castigated by the teacher for being "different". Seemed appropriate.
  • Saw a link to "iD" psychology,and clicked through to #Forbidden Planet and then "Id Ego" - hello to Freud.
  • Among and despite all the fascinating information - some gleaned before - through structural model to Id to ego to super ego, the diagram of the "Iceberg Metaphor" . 

This is Leonard to me.

Image result for iceberg metaphor psychology

The writers of Captain Cold,we are told, are looking at him in a "new way" - we are going to see a different Leonard. I am excited to see his character unfold through #Legends and #The Flash.So how will it be different?
He might be influenced by the different areas of the iceberg.Leonard has certainly dug deep - leading his life on an unconscious level according to Freud,pulling in the conscious thought in order to refine his unconscious, no doubt drawing on his sub conscious flow - aka knowledge - regulary.

The analogy of it is that each area of the "berg" is a part of the psyche that relates, works, fights, supports with the others. 

Leonard in a glacial shell.He is, and is within, the "iceberg". Add in genetics and upbringing, Leonard Snart is anything but Cold. He is infact a cauldron of constantly melting ice.. pulled up into the graphical representation in analogy of an Ice Berg by wearing the Parka and carrying the ice gun.

The depths of Leonard's Iceberg exposes and opens up so many areas of his personality that can be interweaved into scripts across the multiverse. 

This iceberg reminds me too of an Ice Cream Cone  if not Cornett - as we call it sometimes in the UK. That of course is totally appropriate for filming purposes. 

However,sensitively, please do not mention Icebergs to Victor...  

Furthermore - this find was interesting. Linked on a page of Iceberg psychology

Is", "is." "is"—the idiocy of the word haunts me. If it were abolished, human thought might begin to make sense. I don't know what anything "is"; I only know how it seems to me at this moment.
— Robert Anton Wilson, The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, as spoken by Sigismundo Celine.

My own discussion,in my head - perhaps out loud "is" (!) this .. 

Went once said of his Silver Pendant that he bought it because "it just is". I understood it.

I have used the same expression often - especially where love is concerned .. "it.."just is.." ,for example.

So if we start to use .. "I only know how it seems to me at the moment" - we are taking up a lot of words as written and verbalised - eleven in two.. in summing up a moment,an understanding..

I like eloquent language but sometimes and often, "Just Is".. seems to suit a moment perfectly.

Using.. "Just. Is." ... seems totally sensible to me.  

...or maybe ..that is how it seems to me at the moment.

love xxx
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Saturday, 5 August 2017

#OnSet and #Mobile

Thankyou to @Kristian Bailey - award winning sound mixer from #PB5 and #CWLegends of Tomorrow.

Standing tall in the scene that shows them escaping from Crete to Marseilles,(#WineDarkSea #Progeny),Went, along with Dom ,Amaury and Augustus give us a brief insight to a celluloid pause before Action starts up again.

My initial thought too is that Went and Dom are receiving a co-ordinated message on both phones i.e ...sail to rendezvous point ..or similar,that could be in keeping with the actual storyline of that episode. 

Entitled "Behind the Scenes",the photo could actually be "on script". It makes me think of all the moments that a mobile phone is now used - across all Film and TV mediums. It is the cultural phenomenon that features consistently in one form or another sometimes the "mobile" even playing its own prominent role - depending on the era and time travelling culture. 

In that case how then does a Director know that when an Actor is looking at his mobile phone "on script" that they are not infact just checking up on their latest "Alert Notification"? 

Actor's are trained to not be distracted - and can improvise if not adapt to ensure seamless delivery of the words and action on the page. So mobile messaging - "on set" - "in script" - I'm sure has been done somewhere "in film".

I tease - I have no doubt at all that Actors when using a mobile for "in script" purposes are being the professionals they are and leaving their own phones "off set" - but the thought of it did make me smile.

It is a great photo and thanks again to Kristian for sharing it and to all the guys for taking the respite.
Love xx

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, outdoor, water and nature

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Great news for Tala Ashe -, #legends #equal opportunity and #diversity
Love x

Again August

When Went was 42 - he did this...

..and for 3 years,in any month, but especially in August, I repost links to his exquisite video and photoshoot for #Augustman #Malaysia.

It is a personal portrait.And could have been taken any time.

We have been lucky to have seen other powerful photo essays of him and from him since.But it is August - and this catapulted my heart even further than before - which basically means it is still and always "August".

However I am conscious of, and have always noticed, those who helped put this together. No doubt Went was the creative driving force and I am certain had the concept and context too - supported by those around ,experts in such matters. Their names do not feature on the first clip but I wanted to draw attention to them.

Just to say ..thank you.

I am certain that Went made the day go smoothly and almost effortlessly leaving a profound "aura" behind after the shoot. I loved the concept,the colour,the art and the light and the "natural kissable rawness" of Went's elegance. Little if no "make up" used (thanks to Nanette - who knows his skin well)- this could have been an opportunity to smooth some texture's here and there - but instead there was an opportunity to see him deeper than skin deep. Not afraid to show himself as he is - likes to be. 

Smart Gentleman Traditional Stylish Romantic Dashing Tall Handsome Chivalrous Confident Positive Sensual Sexy. 

It told me a story of a date. A next day. A manboy and a man.
It may have been August 2014 but Marc Feurestein was also there that day. Who knew that another Mark Feurstein would be joining Went on set  less than two year's later for #PB5.

And for all the "grogginess" the photoshoot and video produced,the music was aptly named and suited the video very well. 

Still an amazing piece of Art both for the magazine shoot - more credits inside - and for the video.

Thank you to all who took part - especially the "talent".. ;)


Posted originally on 'Vimeo

Featuring Wentworth Miller

Photographer Chiun- Kai Shih @chunkyexpress   
Director Sam Roden
Stylist Jeanne Yang
Hair and Grooming Nanette New
Digital Technician Paul Collins
Producer Clarissa Morales
on set Producer Marc Feurestein
Sound Mixer Alex Carpenter
photography post-production Smootch NYC
talent Wentworth Miller
shot at HQ Avalon Studios

Music "Groggy" The Trumpet and the Bull - Performed by Mark J Inouye

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

#AHS #Rumours

If true Went would love it.! Right up his Gothical Horror Street.

Watch this space and the #AHS lowdown.
Love xxx

Heya @ahs7insider is tweeting hints again and this time tweeted the initials "GJG" and "WEM". I had no clue what these could stand for but people on twitter have suggested that it could mean Grace (Jane) Gummer and Wentworth (Earl) Miller?
I think @ahs7insider is a decent source on most things so I doubt it's made up.
What do you guys think? Do you think they're likely?

Beginning to Cross Over

This is fantastic.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Kale and Kat's

Today was a #PB day with a cross over into the #DC Universe with a touch of "realism" also. 

Quite naturally too.

When offered the drinks menu I ordered the #KK - Kale Kick - for 'Teddy' aka Robert and Paul.

Prior to that, I supported a Cat Charity ,becoming a sponsor 'parent' for two cats.. one called Minty and one called Teddy Ruxpin.

Both names have links to a childhood , a 'Teddy' a favourite sensation,a colour ,a book, a screen play and a fantastic actor who - on release from Joliet this time - was mystified by the green stuff.

 At the top of the Eiffel Tower in 2016 - when the #Legends including #Cat aka Caity were in town,our guide from New Jersey gave us all 'superhero' names. He named me Catwoman. 

Telepathic (!) or maybe the mask and my pointed CatSpocklike Ears gave it away.? 

Remembering all the cats from my Peppermint Kitten children's book to Ted and Mint ....

..and obviously.. this Cat.
Love xxx


This blog commenced in 2009.A lot of posts have been written.
 I have archived posts today - keeping Went news to the "now".
Occasionally,depending on the context and content I may link an earlier post. Also,if you wish to view an earlier post ,please leave a comment as guided below and I will re-publish.
Thank you 


Watching some recent clips of Went at Paley,then an episode of one of the current "drama's" I am watching,reminded me of Paris 2006.

Another classic without doubt and a constant favourite - one that has been teased here many times.

Hopefully he was fluent when last there in June. ;)

I love both these interviews - similar but in direct contrast too.

So from this ...
"crack the whip - its your job.."

(laughing with his publicist)

to this..

.."no I don't".. 

(looking to see if anyone heard..)

Yes Went you do - its your job..*soundofawhipcrack-lol

:) :) :)

Thank you Went 
Loveu xxx

Visions of Morocco (5 Directors,Intensity,Sand..).
@youtube '@xanadu @bbc 'davedeedozybeakymickandtitch

and Calamity Jane .. ;). 

I once was lucky enough to travel over the incredible Black Hills - it was similar.. 

Film Version @Calamity Jane 'DorisDay @Youtube

Album Version