Monday, 31 July 2017

"We get a little bit of Wentworth in Scofield..."

So pleased to see "Bill" aka William Fichtner in my "Prison Break" feed today.
Running through his "best" performances, his role as Alex Mahone in Prison Break brings back those memories again of the actor and this role especially.

I have seen "Bill" in other roles too - always good to watch him.Working also with #KimCoates who was in #ResidentEvil with Went.

Naturally,I was reminded of some of his #PB moments - hopefully to return in a season 6. But,I picture this - those in Season 5 know that Michael is alive. Imagine Alex's face and thought processes when he learns that Michael was Kaniel in Yemen for 7 years .. 

...or perhaps he knows!!. 

Below is one of my favourite clips ever .It is also Went's Ikea moment.! After that interview I then went(!) to Ikea to find out why he found it challenging - #research). :)

And at that point,there had been only 44 episodes....!!

It is also a lovely piece on Went from Dom and Bill..

...."We get a little bit of Wentworth in Scofield..." 

Yes We do.More than a little bit I think.

Went reminds us too that he was once 35 - ten years ago. Wow.! - I remember this Video clip like it was yesterday..Even more talented and looking good, I am so grateful for seeing him these ten years later. 

And in those ten years who would have thought that we still would speak of "Tatts"  - i.e it used to be hours to "Tatt" #PB 1-3, then 45 minutes daily to "Tatt" for season 5..

Wryly posting this  - as seen on my weekend travels..An Ink Convention with a Connection. For Dom also.

Thank you Bill, Dom and Went - and the @Daily 10 for an ongoing "classic". 

Love you Went

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