Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Pool

I was reminded again by the David Hockney TATE visit when I visited my local swimming pool recently. Infact many times since then.
Furthermore ,having seen a lovely photo of Rainer, husband of Victor Garber,in a beautiful pool;along with the fact that it "tis" the season for Pool Life and the lovely #papi is never far away from one .. I thought it time I wrote about the Pool.

Thoughts in my head, as I swim are often dictated by what is occurring around me. Recent events have made me smile however,knowing that I would write about them but also made me think about Went as Gage in Buffy,Swim team and all other Went swim action- scenes that he could never have done if he was unable to swim. I am reminded too of his discussion once of a film that he enjoyed named "Swimming Pool" with the lovely,timelessly elegant Charlotte.

So an hour in the life of a local swimming pool - captured over more than one swim.

I have marveled at the little children entering pool side so inflated with inflatables that they almost walk on water. One little tot with arm bands,a rubber ring,wet suit and goggles who waddled in - literally- after an hour or so in the changing room(..all that inflating!!!). 

Others walked in carrying a swim float as big as Dom's surf board - in comparison to their body height. Parents struggling to keep longer floats under control as well as their children - and all of that before any water is dipped.

Some come in Macaulay style - reminded promptly by both parent and lifeguard in unison that .."there is no diving" !! However it has also been noted that some parents suddenly "deep dive" when said floats are subsequently used in water polo - post swimming lesson - assuming that water confidence for their children, has been achieved.

Swimming lessons carry on at the local pool, as they should. So important. We are an island after all.

I witnessed along with the parents,the final controlled jump in's - some precise,elegant with little splash (like Tom Daley xx ) because they focused on what the teacher asked them to do. All succeeded and after a while left the pool to get their reward.

A certificate. 

Of completion.

Now when a child is given a certificate they will want to show it to their parent ..IMMEDIATELY!! That is what Kid's do.

When on pool side often that parent is in the water at the other end. 

Suddenly I was conscious of parents swimming at warp speed past me, as we all witnessed young children with paper waving "it" in their wet hands,proceeding to head back towards the pool. They want to show it after all - even if their parent is in the water!! 

I assume of course that any certificate for accomplishment, given at pool side, be it Local or Olympic is laminated-for such occasions.

Useful and lifesaving swim floats in confident hands turn into the need for ongoing parental commentary ,interrupting their dream of swimming more than one length ..uninterrupted.

As I swam, I watched children watching to see if their unsuspecting parents were looking at that moment as the large paddle float was used for something not documented in its instructions.

Engaging in creative play ,one might call it.

Parents, at that precise moment, were paused in a brief chat at the end of the pool, a quiet respite. 

Suddenly no more.The lifeguard was doing his job - and then the parents were trying to do theirs.

Not for the first time I was reminded of "George".. 

So swimming is very therapuetic - on so many levels. Try it if you haven't all ready.


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