Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The Core

I was looking at photos and footage of the amazing firework displays from the July 4th Celebrations, this morning. Not for the first time it reminded me of something Went said a long time ago - about fireworks.

I thought on that again for a moment.

The deeper philosophical meaning of Fireworks lighting up the sky . Usually a celebration big or small - a significant moment nationally or personally. 
But deeper than that  I started to think about the emotions of it - do looking at fireworks make you happy ? or just in awe of the incredible pyrotechnic skills that show us another form of Art - "creative sky lighting".

The core of emotions - turning them inside out made me think of the film. I haven't seen this film but I am aware of the content and context. Something triggered me to watch one you tube as below - about the mechanics of story telling,making it emotionally authentic,the push and pull between fear ,anger and sadness,contentment,happiness and joy... and the need to be cathartic.

This blog has always been that. Sometimes less when it should have been more. My personal thoughts exposed.My personal opinions exposed - sometimes. Went used the term "my personal space" .By being "here" you have been allowed into my personal space.That is brave for anyone to do - share a personal space. This blog has been driven by the need to communicate to Went.

And that has always been because I want Went to know the real me and in order to do that,everyone has to see it too. 

No matter what that looks like... 

I am conscious and aware that people I know have read this,used it even. Others,not friends have also used my emotions and my words,
None have been brave enough to tell me - they have just highlighted points,themes,actual posts in life,in conversations,in mannerisms - to the "literal sense". Linking through life. Flattering I think .Confusing and scary too. As Went said - no good keeping it in a drawer..

(Literary Lessons... to the Literal Sense).

and the Chain of Analysis.

That has led at times to a complete "Inside Out" experience. But when you go "there" and you re-evaluate, analyse and then realise that you come out the other side basically still grounded and sure,that gives confidence - even if sadness is a part of that.

This blog sometimes is about fireworks - a moment of Went awe enjoyed and then "stored" in the "long term"memory . It highlights his news as shared,as seen ,as known .Other and most times it is about about the deeper meaning of those emotions, the realism,the understanding and the connections in communication. Inside Outside. 

But very simply, alongside my need to think deeply and to analyse in general, if I didn't love Went ,or support him and his career ..I wouldn't be writing CafeWent.  

And for all of you who have supported this writing - 758,395 visits -for the almost 9 years of being on here ,I thank you - from my core. 

I hope but don't actually know if Went has ever visited here.
And I reflect on that sometimes - as part of my "inside out" experience...

Love xxx


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