Thursday, 27 July 2017

#Stats and #Facts

Occasionally I look at the Stats on here.

198006 is the number of times that France has been on my blog.(Merci Beucoup xoxo)

181799 times the USA has visited..

Other countries include:- 
The UK,Germany,Russia,Canada,Italy,Netherlands,Brazil and Australia.

Firefox Chrome and Safari ..and others in that order, of browser pageviews


Windows,Iphone and Android .. and others pageviews, by Operating System.

Thank you all.

The Facts 
Grateful to you for visiting.You come here for the Wentness thus continuing to support him and his work.

More facts..

I posted a letter today
and I re-joined my local library last week.

..and some more..

Love you Went.


 @Heathrow October 16 the day after #Attitude Awards and two days after I heard him speak at #Oxford.

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