Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Remembering #Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Remember Went's journey to Prison Break? Via Brett Rattner who remembered him from initial Superman casting?

Well this idea appeared today on the www.. (link below)

The idea that Went could be Lex Luther. 

He is Len so why not Lex?

Went once said that he liked the idea of playing General Zod - a bad guy - and of course since then,he has been brilliant as Snart. 

Audition right there.

The whole phenomenon for DC (and for Marvel) means that more Comic book heroes continue to join the Motion picture and/or Streaming platforms.

Malcolm ,who pioneered the American Comic Book,I am sure could never have imagined that his idea and early beginnings would lead to DC comics founded in 1934. Marvel was founded in 1939.

Malcolm was ahead of his time - appropriate for all that time travel his DC Character's would be so adept at.

Another time travel theory ahead of its (about) time is Jodie Whittaker being picked by the BBC for the New Doctor Who Season. A Brilliant actress and how cool - a female Doctor. Time travel catching up with Real travel - Female Doctors in every guise who thankfully have been around for lifetimes.

Delighted that Went is a part of it

Links below.

Meanwhile.. #stilllovingleonard

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