Saturday, 22 July 2017

New Chapters

The (good) question that continues to simmer - especially around Comic Con time - is will there or won't there be a Season 6 Prison Break? Even at the end of the Colony Cast interview (congrats all for Season 3. ).. Sarah - looking amazing as always - was asked about a Season 6. 

Links below are highlighting the possible return of an Abruzzi in a continuing season . 

He did return!

A "son of" !  Season 5 !! 

Great story line bringing "John" back re incarnated per se, in his son who reluctantly ends up helping Linc to help Michael - even though Linc would forever (perhaps) be in the Abruzzi debt. ?

Kellerman too is mentioned - well we didn't see him die - as Went once said about Michael (and looked what happened there!!). 

Also for those of us who lived every Texan moment - Dallas in its original format got Bobby Ewing reincarnated in the shower.!! The seasons continued and whilst television and story lines have progressed over the decades since,Bobby (aka Patrick) was still on the Southfork set for many more years after that "moment". Not saying that #PB should stay as long as that - but just highlighting that an audience can accept a return of a character within the context - like Sarah did Season 4, and Michael did in 5

So of course the brilliant Peter Stomare could come back - writing a story line that took place in his timeline both from Joilet to when he "dies" can be played out in a Season 6. He might just need to be in the shower.. maybe that is the key. Figuratively washing off all of his demons before a "re-appear".

(Preferably Went in the shower please opening scene of 6 - that "Yemen" dust can linger.. but I accept that has nothing to do with the story line...).

Kellerman - well his healthy Kale diet should hopefully see him through into a S6. All those vitamins will have helped with blood clotting in time for Miracle Medicals to do their job. 

So ideas will be re-sent - hopefully potential story lines are being received all ready because so much more can be explored in a new chapter  of Prison Break. and please in the hope that we get " a Go" for this, let Sarah know as soon as you can.?...

Love love love
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