Monday, 24 July 2017


..watching and listening to one of Went's most in depth interview's/ Q & A moments. I learn something "new" each time.

I especially loved the part where he talks about the possibility of being a "producer"... behind the scenes he meant.

Well that happened Season 5 #Prison Break - and will hopefully happen again.

Talking producing.. the Prison Break Executive Producer Marty Adelstein is working on a new live action adaptation of the manga/anime series '#OnePiece'-  filmed at the Tomorrow Studios - and raising the #PB connection of innovation and creation at yet another 'first'.

However Directing ?  I'd like to help you do that Went ... .if you have the creative passion for a project?

Thank you to all in Poland especially Went for this - one of many interviews that I re-visit often.

Love xxx

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