Wednesday, 5 July 2017


From time to time I get comments posted on here.

Thank you.

They go through a monitoring process before I publish them.

I deleted one that was posted in June sometime that made me smile .. and then I thought,in retrospect that  actually I should post it here. I deleted it though so from memory...

Written by Annonymous (obviously) it said something like..

I have been watching you since Oxford and I find you a bit creepy. you need to get a life..

Or something like that...

Well firstly, since Oxford you have been watching me.? !! Wow that is creepy. If that is true then you will know my life - you have been watching it. So perhaps you need your own?

Secondly I am disappointed that you, Miss/Mr Annonymous find me only a "bit creepy" .

Went.. as you know (Annonymous - you must be a Went fan why else would you be here?).. loves full on creepy - like the idea of watching horror films in a cabin in the woods - in the dark but probably with popcorn and Pizza (no anchovies).

So I need to up my game ..clearly. A "bit creepy" is not good enough.!! Like Went I aim for perfection.

Thank you for the advice however.Let me know when you are next watching me and I'll invite you for dinner - let you see how creepy I really am...(in the light bright warm atmosphere of my hospitality).

However the very nice Lizzie Bennett - no relation to the Elizabeth Bennett I assume  - (!) wrote this.

Thankyou . Comments are posted onto the blog linked.

:) xx

Thanks for this beautiful interview and i love read all your post on #GlastonJo
on 29/06/17
I love read all your articles about wentworth since you know him for a long time. Your sincerity touch me on #PrisonBreakHome

I watched the video of his speech with tears in my eyes - feeling a mixture of pride at how far he has come and sadness, at the thought of all that he's been through over the years. After he discussed his suicide attempt in college, that one line in particular,'I have to love you a little less now...' Well, that really broke my heart. As someone who has suffered with very similar issues over the years, I find him to be such an inspiration. It gives me and so many others around the world a huge amount of hope...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, there is always a way to turn things around and come out the other side. Stronger. Better. Ready to face whatever life throws our way. I also now realise how important it is to take care of myself as well as others. How much it helps to take the time to express myself - to those around me, and in private, creatively. To 'get it all out' of my system. His little 'notes' that he posts on Facebook have made me feel less alone. on Ambassador

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