Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Back to the Heart

I had a break from the cafe. Just a holiday. It was restorative and affirming. 
In that break, decisions were made,things moved forward,creative processes came more to the fore.

I stepped back from "this space" - as Went said on his #FB page. I stepped back from there too,and #Twitter. I stepped back from some of my App's.

I made two films.. (LOL  - first ever cut and paste ,editing frames and overlaying with music..just for fun. but I am proud them.)

I watched and lived in "Wimbledon",the ongoing Tour de France alongside paying attention to the current ParaWorld's in London. I have been swimming,to the gym,walked on shingle beaches and listened to the tide.

I have taken photographs - again. Simple lines,colour combinations - moments that need to be captured. I have been to Airports and watched some in flight,sat around a BBQ and browsed in shops. I have been in company or on my own with humans and with animals.I have smelled new books and new perfume - and new coffee fresh from its vacuum pack.

I have written - what I wanted to write and what I didn't. I have taken in Art in its many forms including some sublime TV ,actual and online and been back to the cinema - at last.

The weather has been enjoyed in its moment .books have been picked up again with the intention of reading. I have watched news and listened intently to some political debate,kept up with the Young Royals especially and sought out older stories that I had "lost track of". I have had my usual pamper at the hairdressers and had meals/drinks out with friends. 

I have browsed for information on anything curious that needs more information or answers in order to increase my knowledge. I have still given my time to others,sorted through items that can help those in need and donated. I have confirmed and supported some economic decisions including revisiting charitable contributions.I supported financially a few charities when employed - automatic direct debits from the salary - and was happy to do so - so will review who can get my "give" now my situation is different.
Good food has been cooked,eaten at home and out. Nice cold beer and iced wine  - with more ice - on balmy evenings .

I have watched washing flapping in the breeze,I have watched new summer flowers bloom as bees collect their pollen from the clover left purposely in the grass to encourage them. 
I have looked at and enjoyed many photographs of places, faces, moments,colour,creativity,events,food,,etc - everything that photo social media can give us.

As always, enjoyed seeing the loveliest of faces,missing him but yet he is "always" here. 

Making a To Do list - in my head but transfer to paper - with lots to do. Sorting,sifting,closing,renewing..

Birthday cards have been sent,important letters written,music bought and listened to,car driven with windows open allowing full warm breeze airflow to help clear any hint of fuzziness remaining.

.. and my phone aka social media has always "been there". And I always did these things when I was "here" before.

I have been asked more than once in the two months since stopping "work" - after nearly 40 years of working - 38 of them full time - 33 of them for one organisation.. 2 children,a marriage aka team work,8 formal qualifications ..  and copious good and bad experiences - what do I do with my time.? Now? 

As you can see from above - very little...

Hoping Wentworth is also having some restorative time. Hope to see you soon.
Love always.

@FOX - Went  - June 2nd 2016 in Morocco #PB5



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