Monday, 31 July 2017

"We get a little bit of Wentworth in Scofield..."

So pleased to see "Bill" aka William Fichtner in my "Prison Break" feed today.
Running through his "best" performances, his role as Alex Mahone in Prison Break brings back those memories again of the actor and this role especially.

I have seen "Bill" in other roles too - always good to watch him.Working also with #KimCoates who was in #ResidentEvil with Went.

Naturally,I was reminded of some of his #PB moments - hopefully to return in a season 6. But,I picture this - those in Season 5 know that Michael is alive. Imagine Alex's face and thought processes when he learns that Michael was Kaniel in Yemen for 7 years .. 

...or perhaps he knows!!. 

Below is one of my favourite clips ever .It is also Went's Ikea moment.! After that interview I then went(!) to Ikea to find out why he found it challenging - #research). :)

And at that point,there had been only 44 episodes....!!

It is also a lovely piece on Went from Dom and Bill..

...."We get a little bit of Wentworth in Scofield..." 

Yes We do.More than a little bit I think.

Went reminds us too that he was once 35 - ten years ago. Wow.! - I remember this Video clip like it was yesterday..Even more talented and looking good, I am so grateful for seeing him these ten years later. 

And in those ten years who would have thought that we still would speak of "Tatts"  - i.e it used to be hours to "Tatt" #PB 1-3, then 45 minutes daily to "Tatt" for season 5..

Wryly posting this  - as seen on my weekend travels..An Ink Convention with a Connection. For Dom also.

Thank you Bill, Dom and Went - and the @Daily 10 for an ongoing "classic". 

Love you Went

Thursday, 27 July 2017

#Stats and #Facts

Occasionally I look at the Stats on here.

198006 is the number of times that France has been on my blog.(Merci Beucoup xoxo)

181799 times the USA has visited..

Other countries include:- 
The UK,Germany,Russia,Canada,Italy,Netherlands,Brazil and Australia.

Firefox Chrome and Safari ..and others in that order, of browser pageviews


Windows,Iphone and Android .. and others pageviews, by Operating System.

Thank you all.

The Facts 
Grateful to you for visiting.You come here for the Wentness thus continuing to support him and his work.

More facts..

I posted a letter today
and I re-joined my local library last week.

..and some more..

Love you Went.


 @Heathrow October 16 the day after #Attitude Awards and two days after I heard him speak at #Oxford.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

#Flights of #Stairs

I've written before about "stairs" but having just found this delightful video I wanted to revisit, the fact that,before Went even knew he was going to Princeton,he wrote a story about some "Stairs".

So many "Flights of Stairs" here and so beautifully unique depending on the building in which they "serve".

Thank you Neil Mills and the Trustees of Princeton University
#elevate #aspire #ascend #climb #conquer #upward

 Following on, Princeton in Flight - a Snow covered Campus as seen from the "quad copter" @Peter Huson #2015
So lovely.

Love xx

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The #DCUniverse

Interesting news regarding the DC Universe - with a mention of Geoff Johns.. to me the main guy who took Went's advice and called up Dominic to be on the Flash... and the rest is awesome history. !! 

Thankyou Geoff

Monday, 24 July 2017


..watching and listening to one of Went's most in depth interview's/ Q & A moments. I learn something "new" each time.

I especially loved the part where he talks about the possibility of being a "producer"... behind the scenes he meant.

Well that happened Season 5 #Prison Break - and will hopefully happen again.

Talking producing.. the Prison Break Executive Producer Marty Adelstein is working on a new live action adaptation of the manga/anime series '#OnePiece'-  filmed at the Tomorrow Studios - and raising the #PB connection of innovation and creation at yet another 'first'.

However Directing ?  I'd like to help you do that Went ... .if you have the creative passion for a project?

Thank you to all in Poland especially Went for this - one of many interviews that I re-visit often.

Love xxx

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Recurring #Legend

Delighted to hear the announcement at the #Legends /#CW Panel in #SDCC17 ,that Went will be returning again for Season 3 as a recurring guest across the "Quadraverse" of  Legends Arrow Supergirl and Flash.

Hopeful that Went will continue to dress Snart in those "black little numbers" that make him even more exceptionally cool - along with the "multi-pocketed-for-treats" Parka - obviously. 

It would also be a bonus to see his Scottish roots again as demonstrated and modelled below... but in a different 'way?'!! According to the link below Snart undergoes a 'change'...

Saturday, 22 July 2017

New Chapters

The (good) question that continues to simmer - especially around Comic Con time - is will there or won't there be a Season 6 Prison Break? Even at the end of the Colony Cast interview (congrats all for Season 3. ).. Sarah - looking amazing as always - was asked about a Season 6. 

Links below are highlighting the possible return of an Abruzzi in a continuing season . 

He did return!

A "son of" !  Season 5 !! 

Great story line bringing "John" back re incarnated per se, in his son who reluctantly ends up helping Linc to help Michael - even though Linc would forever (perhaps) be in the Abruzzi debt. ?

Kellerman too is mentioned - well we didn't see him die - as Went once said about Michael (and looked what happened there!!). 

Also for those of us who lived every Texan moment - Dallas in its original format got Bobby Ewing reincarnated in the shower.!! The seasons continued and whilst television and story lines have progressed over the decades since,Bobby (aka Patrick) was still on the Southfork set for many more years after that "moment". Not saying that #PB should stay as long as that - but just highlighting that an audience can accept a return of a character within the context - like Sarah did Season 4, and Michael did in 5

So of course the brilliant Peter Stomare could come back - writing a story line that took place in his timeline both from Joilet to when he "dies" can be played out in a Season 6. He might just need to be in the shower.. maybe that is the key. Figuratively washing off all of his demons before a "re-appear".

(Preferably Went in the shower please opening scene of 6 - that "Yemen" dust can linger.. but I accept that has nothing to do with the story line...).

Kellerman - well his healthy Kale diet should hopefully see him through into a S6. All those vitamins will have helped with blood clotting in time for Miracle Medicals to do their job. 

So ideas will be re-sent - hopefully potential story lines are being received all ready because so much more can be explored in a new chapter  of Prison Break. and please in the hope that we get " a Go" for this, let Sarah know as soon as you can.?...

Love love love
Image result for john abruzzi and wentworth miller

Image result for john abruzzi

#FoxTv #Prisonbreakseason 1 @googlepics

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Remembering #Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Remember Went's journey to Prison Break? Via Brett Rattner who remembered him from initial Superman casting?

Well this idea appeared today on the www.. (link below)

The idea that Went could be Lex Luther. 

He is Len so why not Lex?

Went once said that he liked the idea of playing General Zod - a bad guy - and of course since then,he has been brilliant as Snart. 

Audition right there.

The whole phenomenon for DC (and for Marvel) means that more Comic book heroes continue to join the Motion picture and/or Streaming platforms.

Malcolm ,who pioneered the American Comic Book,I am sure could never have imagined that his idea and early beginnings would lead to DC comics founded in 1934. Marvel was founded in 1939.

Malcolm was ahead of his time - appropriate for all that time travel his DC Character's would be so adept at.

Another time travel theory ahead of its (about) time is Jodie Whittaker being picked by the BBC for the New Doctor Who Season. A Brilliant actress and how cool - a female Doctor. Time travel catching up with Real travel - Female Doctors in every guise who thankfully have been around for lifetimes.

Delighted that Went is a part of it

Links below.

Meanwhile.. #stilllovingleonard

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Back to the Heart

I had a break from the cafe. Just a holiday. It was restorative and affirming. 
In that break, decisions were made,things moved forward,creative processes came more to the fore.

I stepped back from "this space" - as Went said on his #FB page. I stepped back from there too,and #Twitter. I stepped back from some of my App's.

I made two films.. (LOL  - first ever cut and paste ,editing frames and overlaying with music..just for fun. but I am proud them.)

I watched and lived in "Wimbledon",the ongoing Tour de France alongside paying attention to the current ParaWorld's in London. I have been swimming,to the gym,walked on shingle beaches and listened to the tide.

I have taken photographs - again. Simple lines,colour combinations - moments that need to be captured. I have been to Airports and watched some in flight,sat around a BBQ and browsed in shops. I have been in company or on my own with humans and with animals.I have smelled new books and new perfume - and new coffee fresh from its vacuum pack.

I have written - what I wanted to write and what I didn't. I have taken in Art in its many forms including some sublime TV ,actual and online and been back to the cinema - at last.

The weather has been enjoyed in its moment .books have been picked up again with the intention of reading. I have watched news and listened intently to some political debate,kept up with the Young Royals especially and sought out older stories that I had "lost track of". I have had my usual pamper at the hairdressers and had meals/drinks out with friends. 

I have browsed for information on anything curious that needs more information or answers in order to increase my knowledge. I have still given my time to others,sorted through items that can help those in need and donated. I have confirmed and supported some economic decisions including revisiting charitable contributions.I supported financially a few charities when employed - automatic direct debits from the salary - and was happy to do so - so will review who can get my "give" now my situation is different.
Good food has been cooked,eaten at home and out. Nice cold beer and iced wine  - with more ice - on balmy evenings .

I have watched washing flapping in the breeze,I have watched new summer flowers bloom as bees collect their pollen from the clover left purposely in the grass to encourage them. 
I have looked at and enjoyed many photographs of places, faces, moments,colour,creativity,events,food,,etc - everything that photo social media can give us.

As always, enjoyed seeing the loveliest of faces,missing him but yet he is "always" here. 

Making a To Do list - in my head but transfer to paper - with lots to do. Sorting,sifting,closing,renewing..

Birthday cards have been sent,important letters written,music bought and listened to,car driven with windows open allowing full warm breeze airflow to help clear any hint of fuzziness remaining.

.. and my phone aka social media has always "been there". And I always did these things when I was "here" before.

I have been asked more than once in the two months since stopping "work" - after nearly 40 years of working - 38 of them full time - 33 of them for one organisation.. 2 children,a marriage aka team work,8 formal qualifications ..  and copious good and bad experiences - what do I do with my time.? Now? 

As you can see from above - very little...

Hoping Wentworth is also having some restorative time. Hope to see you soon.
Love always.

@FOX - Went  - June 2nd 2016 in Morocco #PB5



Saturday, 8 July 2017


Have an amazing,fabulous,crazy day of #Pride in #London today.

Image result for london pride

Image result for london pride
Image result for london pride

Image result for london pride

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


From time to time I get comments posted on here.

Thank you.

They go through a monitoring process before I publish them.

I deleted one that was posted in June sometime that made me smile .. and then I thought,in retrospect that  actually I should post it here. I deleted it though so from memory...

Written by Annonymous (obviously) it said something like..

I have been watching you since Oxford and I find you a bit creepy. you need to get a life..

Or something like that...

Well firstly, since Oxford you have been watching me.? !! Wow that is creepy. If that is true then you will know my life - you have been watching it. So perhaps you need your own?

Secondly I am disappointed that you, Miss/Mr Annonymous find me only a "bit creepy" .

Went.. as you know (Annonymous - you must be a Went fan why else would you be here?).. loves full on creepy - like the idea of watching horror films in a cabin in the woods - in the dark but probably with popcorn and Pizza (no anchovies).

So I need to up my game ..clearly. A "bit creepy" is not good enough.!! Like Went I aim for perfection.

Thank you for the advice however.Let me know when you are next watching me and I'll invite you for dinner - let you see how creepy I really am...(in the light bright warm atmosphere of my hospitality).

However the very nice Lizzie Bennett - no relation to the Elizabeth Bennett I assume  - (!) wrote this.

Thankyou . Comments are posted onto the blog linked.

:) xx

Thanks for this beautiful interview and i love read all your post on #GlastonJo
on 29/06/17
I love read all your articles about wentworth since you know him for a long time. Your sincerity touch me on #PrisonBreakHome

I watched the video of his speech with tears in my eyes - feeling a mixture of pride at how far he has come and sadness, at the thought of all that he's been through over the years. After he discussed his suicide attempt in college, that one line in particular,'I have to love you a little less now...' Well, that really broke my heart. As someone who has suffered with very similar issues over the years, I find him to be such an inspiration. It gives me and so many others around the world a huge amount of hope...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, there is always a way to turn things around and come out the other side. Stronger. Better. Ready to face whatever life throws our way. I also now realise how important it is to take care of myself as well as others. How much it helps to take the time to express myself - to those around me, and in private, creatively. To 'get it all out' of my system. His little 'notes' that he posts on Facebook have made me feel less alone. on Ambassador

The Core

I was looking at photos and footage of the amazing firework displays from the July 4th Celebrations, this morning. Not for the first time it reminded me of something Went said a long time ago - about fireworks.

I thought on that again for a moment.

The deeper philosophical meaning of Fireworks lighting up the sky . Usually a celebration big or small - a significant moment nationally or personally. 
But deeper than that  I started to think about the emotions of it - do looking at fireworks make you happy ? or just in awe of the incredible pyrotechnic skills that show us another form of Art - "creative sky lighting".

The core of emotions - turning them inside out made me think of the film. I haven't seen this film but I am aware of the content and context. Something triggered me to watch one you tube as below - about the mechanics of story telling,making it emotionally authentic,the push and pull between fear ,anger and sadness,contentment,happiness and joy... and the need to be cathartic.

This blog has always been that. Sometimes less when it should have been more. My personal thoughts exposed.My personal opinions exposed - sometimes. Went used the term "my personal space" .By being "here" you have been allowed into my personal space.That is brave for anyone to do - share a personal space. This blog has been driven by the need to communicate to Went.

And that has always been because I want Went to know the real me and in order to do that,everyone has to see it too. 

No matter what that looks like... 

I am conscious and aware that people I know have read this,used it even. Others,not friends have also used my emotions and my words,
None have been brave enough to tell me - they have just highlighted points,themes,actual posts in life,in conversations,in mannerisms - to the "literal sense". Linking through life. Flattering I think .Confusing and scary too. As Went said - no good keeping it in a drawer..

(Literary Lessons... to the Literal Sense).

and the Chain of Analysis.

That has led at times to a complete "Inside Out" experience. But when you go "there" and you re-evaluate, analyse and then realise that you come out the other side basically still grounded and sure,that gives confidence - even if sadness is a part of that.

This blog sometimes is about fireworks - a moment of Went awe enjoyed and then "stored" in the "long term"memory . It highlights his news as shared,as seen ,as known .Other and most times it is about about the deeper meaning of those emotions, the realism,the understanding and the connections in communication. Inside Outside. 

But very simply, alongside my need to think deeply and to analyse in general, if I didn't love Went ,or support him and his career ..I wouldn't be writing CafeWent.  

And for all of you who have supported this writing - 758,395 visits -for the almost 9 years of being on here ,I thank you - from my core. 

I hope but don't actually know if Went has ever visited here.
And I reflect on that sometimes - as part of my "inside out" experience...

Love xxx


Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Lady Liberty

I will have the honorable pleasure of meeting Lady Liberty herself upfront and center later this year so,celebrating July 4th Independence Day with some strong women.
Happy July 4th to the USA - to Went,his family,friends,colleagues  -and all Americans that I have had the luck to cross paths with one way or another.
Enjoy the celebrations
Love Love Love

Monday, 3 July 2017

There once was...

.. a tennis racket in the back of a Corolla as it travelled East to West for a new life and opportunity .

During that era ,Tennis legends were winning and new ones were being born.

They still are.

A lot of them have travelled to Wimbledon to be "on court" from today. Rackets being transported across London in all makes of car.

And there will be a tennis racket in the hand of a Champion across all courts in two weeks .

Bringing with it,new opportunities.



Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Pool

I was reminded again by the David Hockney TATE visit when I visited my local swimming pool recently. Infact many times since then.
Furthermore ,having seen a lovely photo of Rainer, husband of Victor Garber,in a beautiful pool;along with the fact that it "tis" the season for Pool Life and the lovely #papi is never far away from one .. I thought it time I wrote about the Pool.

Thoughts in my head, as I swim are often dictated by what is occurring around me. Recent events have made me smile however,knowing that I would write about them but also made me think about Went as Gage in Buffy,Swim team and all other Went swim action- scenes that he could never have done if he was unable to swim. I am reminded too of his discussion once of a film that he enjoyed named "Swimming Pool" with the lovely,timelessly elegant Charlotte.

So an hour in the life of a local swimming pool - captured over more than one swim.

I have marveled at the little children entering pool side so inflated with inflatables that they almost walk on water. One little tot with arm bands,a rubber ring,wet suit and goggles who waddled in - literally- after an hour or so in the changing room(..all that inflating!!!). 

Others walked in carrying a swim float as big as Dom's surf board - in comparison to their body height. Parents struggling to keep longer floats under control as well as their children - and all of that before any water is dipped.

Some come in Macaulay style - reminded promptly by both parent and lifeguard in unison that .."there is no diving" !! However it has also been noted that some parents suddenly "deep dive" when said floats are subsequently used in water polo - post swimming lesson - assuming that water confidence for their children, has been achieved.

Swimming lessons carry on at the local pool, as they should. So important. We are an island after all.

I witnessed along with the parents,the final controlled jump in's - some precise,elegant with little splash (like Tom Daley xx ) because they focused on what the teacher asked them to do. All succeeded and after a while left the pool to get their reward.

A certificate. 

Of completion.

Now when a child is given a certificate they will want to show it to their parent ..IMMEDIATELY!! That is what Kid's do.

When on pool side often that parent is in the water at the other end. 

Suddenly I was conscious of parents swimming at warp speed past me, as we all witnessed young children with paper waving "it" in their wet hands,proceeding to head back towards the pool. They want to show it after all - even if their parent is in the water!! 

I assume of course that any certificate for accomplishment, given at pool side, be it Local or Olympic is laminated-for such occasions.

Useful and lifesaving swim floats in confident hands turn into the need for ongoing parental commentary ,interrupting their dream of swimming more than one length ..uninterrupted.

As I swam, I watched children watching to see if their unsuspecting parents were looking at that moment as the large paddle float was used for something not documented in its instructions.

Engaging in creative play ,one might call it.

Parents, at that precise moment, were paused in a brief chat at the end of the pool, a quiet respite. 

Suddenly no more.The lifeguard was doing his job - and then the parents were trying to do theirs.

Not for the first time I was reminded of "George".. 

So swimming is very therapuetic - on so many levels. Try it if you haven't all ready.


#Canada Day

So lovely to see Went on the East coast taken in early June.

Thankyou to those who posted. 

Also Happy Canada Day- to a lovely country and all those who live there including Went- obviously.