Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Went in Sweden

Today is #NationalDayofSweden. 

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So today is a reminder all things Bjorn Borg (Happy Birthday Bjorn),Matts Willander,Stefan Edberg, Abba,Ikea,Nordic Noir ..etc .. and family generations,heritage including old Maps. 

Reminds me also of Went's visit to Sweden in 2008...
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Also made me think of this photo that I took recently..

As I took it I was thinking of Eleanor and Abel (Annette Sanford)- a book Went spoke about years ago. Eleanor happens to be a Swedish /Nordic name.

Sp have a great day Sweden and birthday wishes again to Bjorn - still playing Tennis with THAT topspin and backhand. 

And like Went and Dom - these two are also a great "double" act... still. 
#Bjorn Borg,#John McEnroe


.. and reminiscing

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