Sunday, 25 June 2017

Two Ex(treme) Visions

Remember this?

Two "events" this weekend reminded me again of this VT.

Went in Narration is always interesting and worth listening too.

Having done a few voice overs in his career thus far, (Stealth,Family Guy,Death stroke,PB Videogames etc.),this one is unique.

He is back in Princeton - if not literally but certainly creatively,capturing the passion of the architects,the community,history and fondness of Princeton ,the importance of the Gothic style along with the feelings encompassed in the tactile personalities of Steel and Stone of the new buildings, Comparing two new builds on campus the Whitman College and the Lewis Science Library.

In Went's narration and in the discussion of the creators,we travel to Sweden,Canada and within the US pulling together the materials looking at glass,claybrick along with the (Blue)Steel and cool Stone rethink a dorm and a library. 

The College is a work of Stone Art that involved Stone Masons creating one vision with Lime and Field Stone. 

The Library is a Steel and Glass work of Complex Art.

And what I really like in this short film is that the passion,the love and the "feels" come through. Learning how an Architects mind works. For example,in the design of the College,the architect wanted students to feel the building - to stand against the walls in discussion - lean against them . The stone needed to be "soft and inviting" but strong and regal in its embodiment ,carrying on the Princeton tradition in everyway.

I can completely resonate with that - the touch of a building is memorable.
Famous places - places important to me - I have touched. The tactility of a hand on the Lincoln Memorial to the cool marble within a Cathedral;From the Disney Castle to the touch on the stone of the building that kept a son safe for so many years;from the hand on the NASA Rocket that brought our explorers home to the touch on the counter at Larchmont Starbucks..

The touch keeps it real and impacts the emotional sensitivity of our connection to buildings,materials and places via the memories within or just in the knowledge of its history.

Furthermore this video captured some of Went in both the subject matter,his personal lifestory and in his creative outlet.

Michael Scofield is a structural engineer; Wentworth Miller likes Architecture - a reference somewhere ago to his liking and reading of Architectural magazines. A vague memory also makes me think that Went may have wanted to study this but did English Lit instead?His drawing skills could easily have led him down that technical path.

Went attended Princeton as we know before these buildings were built but has lived within the Gothic style perhaps leading to his strong reference to Gothicism - in his writing of Stoker,his analogy of a monster "schlepping" around and his discussion in Poland where he mentions the Gothic style again. 
Went has always appeared to be very tactile to me - his hands are very expressive and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he has "touched" memories as he has traveled- we certainly have evidence of that in the Salt Mine, again in Poland.

He likes buildings,textures,glass,concrete,steel - materials- seen again in his photographs. And I am sure that a fellow alumni or two if not a Tiger Tone majored in Architectural pursuits hence the call asking Went to narrate this unique film from Princeton.

Really nice to hear this lovely "Went Speak" again and to learn more about an important art form.

Thank you  xx
Love love love,_Princeton_University

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