Friday, 9 June 2017


As defined as an Attitude or a representation of an art form,perspective is an important tool in how any of us see the world and the life around us.

Today is another history making day in the UK Political arena..,namely that 72% of Young People 18-25 year olds voted in this Election.. changing a cultural perspective perhaps that "youth" didn't care.,

Today "the family" saw a photograph of a family member who is recovering in hospital after being caught up in the tragic events of the London attacks last weekend.That person has their own perspective which is helping in their ongoing,thankful recovery.Likewise those of us "around" that person have certainly had a reality check of our own.Grateful thanks to all the many Heroes.

Perspectives aka,Attitudes change,can change,can stay the same depending on the situation the culture,the norm.

...and all perspectives need moments of reflection .

Posted on Went's Facebook page,some fabulous photographic perspectives to reflect on as taken in Shrewsbury and Paris when Went was appearing at the two Con Events.

 Monkhouse Granary
 Saint John the Baptist Albrighton
 Avenue Bugeaud,Paris

16th arrondissement Paris

Love love love


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