Monday, 5 June 2017


As with Manchester, life pushes on courageously in London's "almost normality", grieving respectfully, as important people start,and have to make, important decisions.

We learn of the Heroes who have appeared out of nowhere again to battle the adversity .

They are everywhere - Heroes. Demonstrated in different ways, but there when called upon. Each day ..or "as and when needed".

While Manchester vocally pulled together for both cities to powerfully remember the victims #onelove - time was also spent remembering the Heroes who bravely and selflessly rescued,supported ..saved.

In what ever context they appear,whoever they are - a hero who plays a small but significant part, or one who takes centre stage because they can - each played their part in recent tragic events. 

Heroes have been with us since time immemorial - and new ones appear at any moment.

Thank you to all for being there when it mattered most.You helped to save lives.

Prayers,love and thanks.


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