Sunday, 11 June 2017

Its #Pride !!

#Pride month is here.!!  

Its about being loud and proud in love and support for all that would consider themselves under that wonderful colourful umbrella of #LGBT+.

I always know when #Pride is here.. all those magnificent primary colors with their enhanced hues adorn the social media feeds and brighten up any summer gloom.

Its great to celebrate during one month but of course #Pride should be celebrated all the time..

 "be proud of who you are" as Mrs Silk said to Coleman. 

"But what about being Proud of being me" - replies Coleman @TheHumanStain

Be proud of what you do and how you do it. "Be your best self", as Oprah say's , and that includes having pride in that "self". 

Wear #Pride as both an emblem of solidarity and as a motivator to self-esteem.

So not for the first time I'm proud to say that I love Wentworth Miller and I am as equally passionate as an advocate for overall Gay Rights.

I am also proud of being here for all these years; being an advocate for so many people and causes - in my own way - sometimes loud in pride, Other times quiet but proud. Giving love to the point of hurt until #pride says more. 

So celebrate #Pride profoundly,with elegance and style;humour and warmth but always with that wonderful breadth of rainbow colour .... especially in #Philly with two new colours on "show"..


Always and Still proud of Went's #HRC moment  - amongst many other "Out" moments.
The group wants to add brown and black to the Pride flag
The #PhillyLGBT+ Flag

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