Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Infantino #Snart

After a few recent "emotional" hiccups,I was able to sit and watch Went as Snart - delivering yet again another excellent performance.

With "Michael" in #PrisonBreak and Went appearing in Telford and Paris,I had not "seen" Snart for a while.

I took notes for this episode Infantino Street - purely on Went's performance but yes good to see Grant and the team again.

Went's (aka Snart's) expression of "up to my fuzzy hood in team work" ..set the tone,irrespective of being in Siberia in 1892 and made me laugh out loud.
He always said that comedy was something he might consider but was also difficult to master ..well we have seen comedic moments in other roles but in this one especially, the comedy - in a semi-serious style - is mastered.
Went's lines, are funny,brilliantly written and timed. We have seen poignant and sensitively frosted Snart too but his portrayal of sarcasm,cynicism and wit, overarched with seriously cool intelligence is why the character of Barry asked for his help.Furthermore encapsulating the alter-ego genre.

Knowing why Barry needed his help .."True Love that's your Pitch?.. began to thaw the heart of Snart-but only slightly. #gradualdefrosting.
The intrigue of Barry being brave enough to ask for his help was the driving force along with the possibility of Snart seeing The Flash become.."unlawful" or possibly even "murdery".That is something that Snart was fascinated to  witness. Also the emotion of love that Barry was prepared to kill for is something that Snart is only just beginning to fully understand and as seen in #Legends,had actually begun to experience. 

So for Snart - accepting to "help" was a complex mix of all those emotions in split second timing, that made him curious enough to say "yes". 

Went as Snart looking at Blueprints explaining them to the "team" was obvious - I mean who else could explain them so well.?

Statements about Planning were blogged here before but his exclaimation of the arrival of  the "half man half shark taking the Cake.."..

leading to..

"I like Shark Week but I am not a Marine Biolgist".. .. were more laugh out load moments.

I expected Went/Snart to combat the extreme coding system in order to enter the "safe" - 37 seconds was brilliantly average - by his standards.

I like that we saw a different role for the Cold gun. Taking it apart and using the cold air to put the shark man asleep. Obviously no surprise that the temperature required was to the Celsius point specific nor that when shut in with the Shark man,Snart offered Cisco a meeting with his sister if he got him out. Adapts as required to the needs (script) of the moment.

Perfect writing to see Went aka Snart in handcuffs .. magically opening them(lots of practice!!) "single handedly".. 

...as the shark man later turned out to be.

As events unfolded and Snart finished what he could do,Barry escorted him back to Siberia. Prior to the task in hand,Snart had expressed to Barry that we would see..

"The Good in Me and the Bad in you"...

and yes I think we did.

Leonard then to Barry ,along with a gesture of touch to Barry's left shoulder and a handshake, told Barry that he might actually be a "hero". A respectful softer moment between them. Barriers down.

However he reminded us all that .."there are no strings on me" .. said "twice" with meaning.

Snart the "free" spirit captured in time travel.. but can travel where he wants,where is useful to him and where he gets the right excitement, motivation,satisfaction,pay and space..

Clearly Siberia in 1892 was that current opportunity. 

Thank you Went. Thank you Leonard and Barry/Flash Team.

Infantino Street
It is feasible that the CW and DC might consider Captain Cold in his own series. I am fully aware of the amount of Comic book themed shows available to watch and I like the fact that currently,Went can hop between genres and centuries. But learning what Captain Cold is doing in his "down time" when not in the world of Arrow,Legends,Supergirl or Flash could be an interesting addition to add to the immense Comic Book Jigsaw.  Where is he when he gets the "call" to be in one Universe or another? Why was he in Siberia - in fact.? There is a huge interest in the character of Captain Cold aka Wentworth - I am sure that more could evolve for him in that role that still compliments the other characters in the Universe.

Similarly to Michael Scofield - there is a lot more to him especially now he is a "free man" - whatever that means... 

More on that next blog.

Love love love


Getting to see Wentworth Miller portray his version of Captain Cold is always a treat. His whole speech to Barry about finally being able to do what needs to be done (killing) to save Iris was fantastic. Too often in this universe, morality is black and white. Cold’s speech and Barry’s willingness to kill King Shark to grab the power source for Dr. Brands’ gun blurred the lines to a more realistic standard.

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