Thursday, 15 June 2017


I have been thinking recently of Went's Realty photos when he put his house on the market a few years ago.

Especially I remember the entrance hall way. Large,spacious,elegant with what looked like "sketches" in frames on the wall and a large round table with the most perfect "Globe" sat on it.

Nothing to do with Shakespeare - we are talking a Global map of the World in perfect spherical vision.

It was a traditional "blue" one..,quite big. Proud. Elegant.

To get to Went's Globe,you had to get past his black boots on the door mat - I just smiled that they were there when the photographer called!. But the Globe was my and the obvious, centre of attention. I wondered,as I do now,where did he get it,who gave it to him,how often did he look at it and what did he dream of when he did.And yes, I would have loved the opportunity to discuss such global matters with him. 

I used to have one as a child that was a light. I would turn it on and just browse the World in a constant beam..,similarly to the way I google the World now. My little Globe is still stored somewhere safe.

Another was seen was in the series "The Young Pope" which had an incredibly large glass/marble sphere that looked like the planet Jupiter, that sat in the corner of "Jude's" office aka The Pontiff's Meeting room in the Vatican. Just a beautiful solid piece of Art.

Went's large,blue sea Globe also reminded me of an Austin Powers film and the photoshoot at Comic Con where Went "photo bombed" Victors Vase photo - the large vase was certainly spherical if not "Global" like. Went spoke of "Global" love when discussing "LoseTheLabel"/Travel at the "Attitude Awards,has travelled most continents and of course is loved on a Global scale.

Shopping the other day I came across one that I couldn't resist - because it is a bit different and sits nicely on my desk. At a spin I can be anywhere in the World - and then google up the finer details if required. 


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