Thursday, 29 June 2017


The ongoing vibes of #Glastonbury still pervade as the days goes by. Lots of sessions to catch up on with great reminders intermittently hitting the airwaves of all those incredible performances.

Listening to the radio later last night than usual I "caught up" again with Jo Whiley who just remains the consistent voice of calm and coolness over all the years that I have listened to and watched her always just enthusing her love of music;the classic and the new;in or out of Festival.

Jo especially is remembered,by me,for one of the best interviews ever with Wentworth. And I posted on insta over the #Glastofest weekend a photo of Jo interviewing #BarryGibb, as a reminder to all Went fans of that fact.

Her interview with Went was as Prison Break was about to "break" over here. He had just finished Season 1 in Chicago.

We learnt so much from this interview. And he was asked good questions!!.

This year I do feel that questions to Went and the team have been better,more interesting and thought provoking than over some of the earlier years. Jo's questions were the first with some of them then apparently,being recurrently asked over many years. 

As a result we got a very natural Went . This is where I learnt of his love for trees and grass;Pizza - in great detail ..with no olives or anchovies..,that he can multi task (Oscar Poster), that he doesn't get easily weirded out..;

Also reflecting on the early ideas of Prison Break at the end of Season 1 and still talking about the relationship between the "brothers",it seems fitting to listen again to this at the end of Season 5. His words about the complexity of their relationship then - to now.

Went discusses his Tatt Times,his exfoliation;shower scenes,sharing time in a "prison" with a dog with reference to his English Bull Terrier ;the classical Mr T and Wilson's Red Fern;beautiful words about his Grandfather ..and hoping for a visit from Tim Robbins.

Still an amazing interview - thank you Jo.Thank you Went.

love love love

Interviewing the amazing Liam 2017.
Continuing support for #Manchester #London
..and some of the performers at #Glastofest also coming together for #Grenfell. 

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