Monday, 26 June 2017


Another fantastic #Glastofest comes to an end.
I still have the music from Glasto16 on my Tivo and now, as much of #Glasto17 as possible. Will catch up this week on performances not yet seen. Great to see #Legends new and old - just brilliant music on every stage - in every corner.

The sound of Chic and Ed dominate this morning - brilliant set performances from both. So many memories of nightclub nights - and yes there were many. A certain local club played the best sounds of the era including all the Chic playlist. At midnight onwards the club - also a restaurant starting serving brunchfast. You could "boogie" and "brunch" until 3am.

A new romance was started under the Chic vibes concluding with a gift of the disc for that song with memories of a short but very sweet romance .
That was 1978

in 2017 - Powerful words still from Nile on stage- on every level. 

Then Ed - working his multi-tasking skills to the max with his incredible talent for singing with and too himself via the amazing "looping" technology.
Thanking the crowd for inviting him.. we thank you Ed - superb performance - you, your voice and a guitar.

As always one track brings the tears.

This song has a line that reminds me each time - from the first to the current - of a Youtube clip of Wentworth.

It links an age,a tatt and a movement. It links the aspect of creativity and working for your art in a significant moment in time,caught behind the scenes or out in front.

It is also about the dichotomy of youth and age caught up so beautifully in the words of a song that is just sublime. 

So Thank you #Edsheeran #Chic and #Glastonbury - to all involved including a family member who shared the experience with us via the wonders of technology.



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