Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bonjour Paris

As I write, a plethora of beautiful photos are coming out from #Paris.
They show a very happy,relaxed Went and Dom along with Caity,Rick and other amazing hero's.

@cinetelervue have been most kind taking video and a lot of the photographs as mentioned above. Also too at the organisers @peopleconvention feed. 
Merci beacoup xx

Below is just one example of what you can see on the instafeed of @cinetelerevue.

So many more and hopefully some footage posted on their YouTube channel.

Thank you Went - so pleased to see you looking happy on your birthday weekend. Looks like you had a nice start to the day. Also I'm glad to see that Went has sweeties on his autograph table!!.

While Went and Dom were literally having photos taken.... I heard this on the radio - remembering the concert that Went was at once (before Prince in Holland) ..

and keeping up the French theme..

...some Francoise for Went ...listening as I write.

and surfing for Dom


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