Thursday, 8 June 2017

Body Position

The beautiful,thoughtful and calm final park scenes of Prison Break (prior to the sublime Joliet ending!!) is fitting to an amazing,very clever episode and overall superb Season 5 Prison Break. Thank you.

Looking at Went sitting in that position reminded me instantly of an old photo of his.I posted on instagram.

The same body position decades later.

How much has changed for him in those years. Even in the character of Michael his posture is Wentworth . Easy to merge the two to become one. At that moment.

Remembering that music,photographs can instantly remind you of actual or similar events,people,faces,places I was interested that my memory and recognition took me straight back to this photo -  late 80's/early 90's - when I saw the screen shot.

An avalanche of feelings encompass both photographs.

We have Went as a young man trying hard to cope with life as it was then.I see a deeply sad,sensitive "boy",despite his "relaxed" unique pose on the grass;despite the casual (stylish) jaunt of baseball cap. He hates "where he is at"- either literally - on the "games field" and/or in life. Both actually.

I am unsure of the year exactly, but this photo tells in one image the painful story that Went shared in his very moving Active Minds Ambassador Acceptance Speech (2016). 

photo from @googleimages

photos from @FOX

Moving forward ..., we see a Wentworth who has travelled - and is still travelling - the mental health globe (..not unlike most of human kind, on one mental health level or another..). The same posture but a contented look on his face,a calm aura and a confidence in the knowledge that he has truth and a tangible,real love that has saved him. 

That can be seen on his face. and to me is a crossover point for Went and Michael.Another merging moment.

Went may be as "Michael" in this image but both in role and as Went,this final scene told the same story.He tells Dom (as Linc) that he loves him and likewise Dom replies. As friends playing these complex brothers it is a genuine moment reflected off and on set. The knowledge of Went, as Michael  having a love that he can "see" is at this moment,captured in role by Sarah and his son sitting in front of him - relaxed distance away but "right there" with him. They reflect the parallelism of how I hope he feels now - loved and supported.

The photo of him as the younger Went  does not show that . He cannot "see" the love - any love for himself or by others to him because I have no doubt that Went was loved then as he is now. The love flow is blocked at that point in his life.

We know this because Went has shared but I think it is also obvious - other early photos show the same image - a face that looks ready to cry - infact so sad that he couldn't cry. Lost the energy or will power to even do that.

The difference now is that he can "see" - and I am sure feels,the love that is there for him and comes his way. 

This episode was called Behind the Eyes - but more can be seen in this episode than perhaps Paul envisioned.

I know Paul also saw the leap forward from this image - I agree.. easy for someone to be in the peripheral view ready for the next season story arc ..but ..

..this is all about the captured frame of the moment - the whole ethos of photography.

Went might be positioned in the same physical stretched out way, that has clearly traveled the years, ..

...but his whole disposition has changed in those travels - thankfully. 


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