Thursday, 29 June 2017


The ongoing vibes of #Glastonbury still pervade as the days goes by. Lots of sessions to catch up on with great reminders intermittently hitting the airwaves of all those incredible performances.

Listening to the radio later last night than usual I "caught up" again with Jo Whiley who just remains the consistent voice of calm and coolness over all the years that I have listened to and watched her always just enthusing her love of music;the classic and the new;in or out of Festival.

Jo especially is remembered,by me,for one of the best interviews ever with Wentworth. And I posted on insta over the #Glastofest weekend a photo of Jo interviewing #BarryGibb, as a reminder to all Went fans of that fact.

Her interview with Went was as Prison Break was about to "break" over here. He had just finished Season 1 in Chicago.

We learnt so much from this interview. And he was asked good questions!!.

This year I do feel that questions to Went and the team have been better,more interesting and thought provoking than over some of the earlier years. Jo's questions were the first with some of them then apparently,being recurrently asked over many years. 

As a result we got a very natural Went . This is where I learnt of his love for trees and grass;Pizza - in great detail ..with no olives or anchovies..,that he can multi task (Oscar Poster), that he doesn't get easily weirded out..;

Also reflecting on the early ideas of Prison Break at the end of Season 1 and still talking about the relationship between the "brothers",it seems fitting to listen again to this at the end of Season 5. His words about the complexity of their relationship then - to now.

Went discusses his Tatt Times,his exfoliation;shower scenes,sharing time in a "prison" with a dog with reference to his English Bull Terrier ;the classical Mr T and Wilson's Red Fern;beautiful words about his Grandfather ..and hoping for a visit from Tim Robbins.

Still an amazing interview - thank you Jo.Thank you Went.

love love love

Interviewing the amazing Liam 2017.
Continuing support for #Manchester #London
..and some of the performers at #Glastofest also coming together for #Grenfell. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Cannot believe its out all ready.
Ordered and delivered next week.
Went says we come out "many times" - one way or another. It's great that the DVD for Season 5 is here shortly,I still have it on my Tivo ..but I would like Went to "come out" please. A little shopping trip perhaps? 
Miss and love you.

Image result for prison break DVD season 5

Monday, 26 June 2017


Another fantastic #Glastofest comes to an end.
I still have the music from Glasto16 on my Tivo and now, as much of #Glasto17 as possible. Will catch up this week on performances not yet seen. Great to see #Legends new and old - just brilliant music on every stage - in every corner.

The sound of Chic and Ed dominate this morning - brilliant set performances from both. So many memories of nightclub nights - and yes there were many. A certain local club played the best sounds of the era including all the Chic playlist. At midnight onwards the club - also a restaurant starting serving brunchfast. You could "boogie" and "brunch" until 3am.

A new romance was started under the Chic vibes concluding with a gift of the disc for that song with memories of a short but very sweet romance .
That was 1978

in 2017 - Powerful words still from Nile on stage- on every level. 

Then Ed - working his multi-tasking skills to the max with his incredible talent for singing with and too himself via the amazing "looping" technology.
Thanking the crowd for inviting him.. we thank you Ed - superb performance - you, your voice and a guitar.

As always one track brings the tears.

This song has a line that reminds me each time - from the first to the current - of a Youtube clip of Wentworth.

It links an age,a tatt and a movement. It links the aspect of creativity and working for your art in a significant moment in time,caught behind the scenes or out in front.

It is also about the dichotomy of youth and age caught up so beautifully in the words of a song that is just sublime. 

So Thank you #Edsheeran #Chic and #Glastonbury - to all involved including a family member who shared the experience with us via the wonders of technology.



Sunday, 25 June 2017

Two Ex(treme) Visions

Remember this?

Two "events" this weekend reminded me again of this VT.

Went in Narration is always interesting and worth listening too.

Having done a few voice overs in his career thus far, (Stealth,Family Guy,Death stroke,PB Videogames etc.),this one is unique.

He is back in Princeton - if not literally but certainly creatively,capturing the passion of the architects,the community,history and fondness of Princeton ,the importance of the Gothic style along with the feelings encompassed in the tactile personalities of Steel and Stone of the new buildings, Comparing two new builds on campus the Whitman College and the Lewis Science Library.

In Went's narration and in the discussion of the creators,we travel to Sweden,Canada and within the US pulling together the materials looking at glass,claybrick along with the (Blue)Steel and cool Stone rethink a dorm and a library. 

The College is a work of Stone Art that involved Stone Masons creating one vision with Lime and Field Stone. 

The Library is a Steel and Glass work of Complex Art.

And what I really like in this short film is that the passion,the love and the "feels" come through. Learning how an Architects mind works. For example,in the design of the College,the architect wanted students to feel the building - to stand against the walls in discussion - lean against them . The stone needed to be "soft and inviting" but strong and regal in its embodiment ,carrying on the Princeton tradition in everyway.

I can completely resonate with that - the touch of a building is memorable.
Famous places - places important to me - I have touched. The tactility of a hand on the Lincoln Memorial to the cool marble within a Cathedral;From the Disney Castle to the touch on the stone of the building that kept a son safe for so many years;from the hand on the NASA Rocket that brought our explorers home to the touch on the counter at Larchmont Starbucks..

The touch keeps it real and impacts the emotional sensitivity of our connection to buildings,materials and places via the memories within or just in the knowledge of its history.

Furthermore this video captured some of Went in both the subject matter,his personal lifestory and in his creative outlet.

Michael Scofield is a structural engineer; Wentworth Miller likes Architecture - a reference somewhere ago to his liking and reading of Architectural magazines. A vague memory also makes me think that Went may have wanted to study this but did English Lit instead?His drawing skills could easily have led him down that technical path.

Went attended Princeton as we know before these buildings were built but has lived within the Gothic style perhaps leading to his strong reference to Gothicism - in his writing of Stoker,his analogy of a monster "schlepping" around and his discussion in Poland where he mentions the Gothic style again. 
Went has always appeared to be very tactile to me - his hands are very expressive and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he has "touched" memories as he has traveled- we certainly have evidence of that in the Salt Mine, again in Poland.

He likes buildings,textures,glass,concrete,steel - materials- seen again in his photographs. And I am sure that a fellow alumni or two if not a Tiger Tone majored in Architectural pursuits hence the call asking Went to narrate this unique film from Princeton.

Really nice to hear this lovely "Went Speak" again and to learn more about an important art form.

Thank you  xx
Love love love,_Princeton_University

Friday, 23 June 2017


Saw this early interview on G-Alerts this morning from Season 2. One of the best at the time and ever - Went relaxed talking of home, community, mountains, seasons and cowboy boots... 

His natural conversational style is always interesting,engaging and stimulating.Then and now. However,we do see the difference in Went - more experienced,a lot of questions and discussions under his belt, including life changing ones. Just a more mature Went - same fun relaxed style however when moments allow it - i.e#origami "springs to mind"... and toilet rolls. 

(I'm sure also that "Hooters" is mentioned in perhaps another edit of this..? Thanks to Amber too for the video upload - we met once in London on one of the five WentMeets that took place 2009 onward).

Talking of being a "home body" and infact, is the Return Home video from the guys talking emotions,hugs and intensity...which also forms one of the DVD extra's for the season 5 box set..  

Love love love

Thursday, 22 June 2017

#VOTE #Repost #Teenchoice #Vlog

#useyourvoice #vote #teenchoice #nominated

How cool to see Went nominated for his role as Michael Scofield in the Teen Choice Awards 2017!!

It means,what we knew all read -y, that he has captured new hearts. Newbies that continue to pick up Prison Break from Season 1-to the recent 5.New Teenagers use their voice

I am delighted for him. Also for FOX,CW and for the colleagues that Went has worked with.  

A reminder too .. 11 years ago. How things have changed for Went and Amaury... personally and professionally. 

Image result for teen choice awards wentworth miller


Vote Now for Wentworth - and thank you fas_went . #ChoiceActionTvActor #TeenChoice @twitter

Love love love


Memories of #Dom

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

#TeenChoiceAwards2017 #Nomination #useyourvoice #update

#useyourvoice #vote #teenchoice #nominated

How cool to see Went nominated for his role as Michael Scofield in the Teen Choice Awards 2017!!

It means,what we knew all read -y, that he has captured new hearts. Newbies that continue to pick up Prison Break from Season 1-to the recent 5.New Teenagers use their voice

I am delighted for him. Also for FOX,CW and for the colleagues that Went has worked with.  

A reminder too .. 11 years ago. How things have changed for Went and Amaury... personally and professionally. 

Image result for teen choice awards wentworth miller


Vote Now for Wentworth - and thank you fas_went . #ChoiceActionTvActor #TeenChoice @twitter

Love love love


Infantino #Snart

After a few recent "emotional" hiccups,I was able to sit and watch Went as Snart - delivering yet again another excellent performance.

With "Michael" in #PrisonBreak and Went appearing in Telford and Paris,I had not "seen" Snart for a while.

I took notes for this episode Infantino Street - purely on Went's performance but yes good to see Grant and the team again.

Went's (aka Snart's) expression of "up to my fuzzy hood in team work" ..set the tone,irrespective of being in Siberia in 1892 and made me laugh out loud.
He always said that comedy was something he might consider but was also difficult to master ..well we have seen comedic moments in other roles but in this one especially, the comedy - in a semi-serious style - is mastered.
Went's lines, are funny,brilliantly written and timed. We have seen poignant and sensitively frosted Snart too but his portrayal of sarcasm,cynicism and wit, overarched with seriously cool intelligence is why the character of Barry asked for his help.Furthermore encapsulating the alter-ego genre.

Knowing why Barry needed his help .."True Love that's your Pitch?.. began to thaw the heart of Snart-but only slightly. #gradualdefrosting.
The intrigue of Barry being brave enough to ask for his help was the driving force along with the possibility of Snart seeing The Flash become.."unlawful" or possibly even "murdery".That is something that Snart was fascinated to  witness. Also the emotion of love that Barry was prepared to kill for is something that Snart is only just beginning to fully understand and as seen in #Legends,had actually begun to experience. 

So for Snart - accepting to "help" was a complex mix of all those emotions in split second timing, that made him curious enough to say "yes". 

Went as Snart looking at Blueprints explaining them to the "team" was obvious - I mean who else could explain them so well.?

Statements about Planning were blogged here before but his exclaimation of the arrival of  the "half man half shark taking the Cake.."..

leading to..

"I like Shark Week but I am not a Marine Biolgist".. .. were more laugh out load moments.

I expected Went/Snart to combat the extreme coding system in order to enter the "safe" - 37 seconds was brilliantly average - by his standards.

I like that we saw a different role for the Cold gun. Taking it apart and using the cold air to put the shark man asleep. Obviously no surprise that the temperature required was to the Celsius point specific nor that when shut in with the Shark man,Snart offered Cisco a meeting with his sister if he got him out. Adapts as required to the needs (script) of the moment.

Perfect writing to see Went aka Snart in handcuffs .. magically opening them(lots of practice!!) "single handedly".. the shark man later turned out to be.

As events unfolded and Snart finished what he could do,Barry escorted him back to Siberia. Prior to the task in hand,Snart had expressed to Barry that we would see..

"The Good in Me and the Bad in you"...

and yes I think we did.

Leonard then to Barry ,along with a gesture of touch to Barry's left shoulder and a handshake, told Barry that he might actually be a "hero". A respectful softer moment between them. Barriers down.

However he reminded us all that .."there are no strings on me" .. said "twice" with meaning.

Snart the "free" spirit captured in time travel.. but can travel where he wants,where is useful to him and where he gets the right excitement, motivation,satisfaction,pay and space..

Clearly Siberia in 1892 was that current opportunity. 

Thank you Went. Thank you Leonard and Barry/Flash Team.

Infantino Street
It is feasible that the CW and DC might consider Captain Cold in his own series. I am fully aware of the amount of Comic book themed shows available to watch and I like the fact that currently,Went can hop between genres and centuries. But learning what Captain Cold is doing in his "down time" when not in the world of Arrow,Legends,Supergirl or Flash could be an interesting addition to add to the immense Comic Book Jigsaw.  Where is he when he gets the "call" to be in one Universe or another? Why was he in Siberia - in fact.? There is a huge interest in the character of Captain Cold aka Wentworth - I am sure that more could evolve for him in that role that still compliments the other characters in the Universe.

Similarly to Michael Scofield - there is a lot more to him especially now he is a "free man" - whatever that means... 

More on that next blog.

Love love love

Getting to see Wentworth Miller portray his version of Captain Cold is always a treat. His whole speech to Barry about finally being able to do what needs to be done (killing) to save Iris was fantastic. Too often in this universe, morality is black and white. Cold’s speech and Barry’s willingness to kill King Shark to grab the power source for Dr. Brands’ gun blurred the lines to a more realistic standard.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's- in and out of Character , both off Set and On... 
Love love love 


Thursday, 15 June 2017

#Birthday #Parcel


Love xx

Yet More Heroes

For all the Firemen and Women of #London 
and all of those in the line of duty..

We are in awe and thank you for your bravery





I have been thinking recently of Went's Realty photos when he put his house on the market a few years ago.

Especially I remember the entrance hall way. Large,spacious,elegant with what looked like "sketches" in frames on the wall and a large round table with the most perfect "Globe" sat on it.

Nothing to do with Shakespeare - we are talking a Global map of the World in perfect spherical vision.

It was a traditional "blue" one..,quite big. Proud. Elegant.

To get to Went's Globe,you had to get past his black boots on the door mat - I just smiled that they were there when the photographer called!. But the Globe was my and the obvious, centre of attention. I wondered,as I do now,where did he get it,who gave it to him,how often did he look at it and what did he dream of when he did.And yes, I would have loved the opportunity to discuss such global matters with him. 

I used to have one as a child that was a light. I would turn it on and just browse the World in a constant beam..,similarly to the way I google the World now. My little Globe is still stored somewhere safe.

Another was seen was in the series "The Young Pope" which had an incredibly large glass/marble sphere that looked like the planet Jupiter, that sat in the corner of "Jude's" office aka The Pontiff's Meeting room in the Vatican. Just a beautiful solid piece of Art.

Went's large,blue sea Globe also reminded me of an Austin Powers film and the photoshoot at Comic Con where Went "photo bombed" Victors Vase photo - the large vase was certainly spherical if not "Global" like. Went spoke of "Global" love when discussing "LoseTheLabel"/Travel at the "Attitude Awards,has travelled most continents and of course is loved on a Global scale.

Shopping the other day I came across one that I couldn't resist - because it is a bit different and sits nicely on my desk. At a spin I can be anywhere in the World - and then google up the finer details if required. 


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Its #Pride !!

#Pride month is here.!!  

Its about being loud and proud in love and support for all that would consider themselves under that wonderful colourful umbrella of #LGBT+.

I always know when #Pride is here.. all those magnificent primary colors with their enhanced hues adorn the social media feeds and brighten up any summer gloom.

Its great to celebrate during one month but of course #Pride should be celebrated all the time..

 "be proud of who you are" as Mrs Silk said to Coleman. 

"But what about being Proud of being me" - replies Coleman @TheHumanStain

Be proud of what you do and how you do it. "Be your best self", as Oprah say's , and that includes having pride in that "self". 

Wear #Pride as both an emblem of solidarity and as a motivator to self-esteem.

So not for the first time I'm proud to say that I love Wentworth Miller and I am as equally passionate as an advocate for overall Gay Rights.

I am also proud of being here for all these years; being an advocate for so many people and causes - in my own way - sometimes loud in pride, Other times quiet but proud. Giving love to the point of hurt until #pride says more. 

So celebrate #Pride profoundly,with elegance and style;humour and warmth but always with that wonderful breadth of rainbow colour .... especially in #Philly with two new colours on "show"..


Always and Still proud of Went's #HRC moment  - amongst many other "Out" moments.
The group wants to add brown and black to the Pride flag
The #PhillyLGBT+ Flag

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
@AttitudeMagazine @FacebookFrame

Friday, 9 June 2017


As defined as an Attitude or a representation of an art form,perspective is an important tool in how any of us see the world and the life around us.

Today is another history making day in the UK Political arena..,namely that 72% of Young People 18-25 year olds voted in this Election.. changing a cultural perspective perhaps that "youth" didn't care.,

Today "the family" saw a photograph of a family member who is recovering in hospital after being caught up in the tragic events of the London attacks last weekend.That person has their own perspective which is helping in their ongoing,thankful recovery.Likewise those of us "around" that person have certainly had a reality check of our own.Grateful thanks to all the many Heroes.

Perspectives aka,Attitudes change,can change,can stay the same depending on the situation the culture,the norm.

...and all perspectives need moments of reflection .

Posted on Went's Facebook page,some fabulous photographic perspectives to reflect on as taken in Shrewsbury and Paris when Went was appearing at the two Con Events.

 Monkhouse Granary
 Saint John the Baptist Albrighton
 Avenue Bugeaud,Paris

16th arrondissement Paris

Love love love


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Body Position

The beautiful,thoughtful and calm final park scenes of Prison Break (prior to the sublime Joliet ending!!) is fitting to an amazing,very clever episode and overall superb Season 5 Prison Break. Thank you.

Looking at Went sitting in that position reminded me instantly of an old photo of his.I posted on instagram.

The same body position decades later.

How much has changed for him in those years. Even in the character of Michael his posture is Wentworth . Easy to merge the two to become one. At that moment.

Remembering that music,photographs can instantly remind you of actual or similar events,people,faces,places I was interested that my memory and recognition took me straight back to this photo -  late 80's/early 90's - when I saw the screen shot.

An avalanche of feelings encompass both photographs.

We have Went as a young man trying hard to cope with life as it was then.I see a deeply sad,sensitive "boy",despite his "relaxed" unique pose on the grass;despite the casual (stylish) jaunt of baseball cap. He hates "where he is at"- either literally - on the "games field" and/or in life. Both actually.

I am unsure of the year exactly, but this photo tells in one image the painful story that Went shared in his very moving Active Minds Ambassador Acceptance Speech (2016). 

photo from @googleimages

photos from @FOX

Moving forward ..., we see a Wentworth who has travelled - and is still travelling - the mental health globe (..not unlike most of human kind, on one mental health level or another..). The same posture but a contented look on his face,a calm aura and a confidence in the knowledge that he has truth and a tangible,real love that has saved him. 

That can be seen on his face. and to me is a crossover point for Went and Michael.Another merging moment.

Went may be as "Michael" in this image but both in role and as Went,this final scene told the same story.He tells Dom (as Linc) that he loves him and likewise Dom replies. As friends playing these complex brothers it is a genuine moment reflected off and on set. The knowledge of Went, as Michael  having a love that he can "see" is at this moment,captured in role by Sarah and his son sitting in front of him - relaxed distance away but "right there" with him. They reflect the parallelism of how I hope he feels now - loved and supported.

The photo of him as the younger Went  does not show that . He cannot "see" the love - any love for himself or by others to him because I have no doubt that Went was loved then as he is now. The love flow is blocked at that point in his life.

We know this because Went has shared but I think it is also obvious - other early photos show the same image - a face that looks ready to cry - infact so sad that he couldn't cry. Lost the energy or will power to even do that.

The difference now is that he can "see" - and I am sure feels,the love that is there for him and comes his way. 

This episode was called Behind the Eyes - but more can be seen in this episode than perhaps Paul envisioned.

I know Paul also saw the leap forward from this image - I agree.. easy for someone to be in the peripheral view ready for the next season story arc ..but ..

..this is all about the captured frame of the moment - the whole ethos of photography.

Went might be positioned in the same physical stretched out way, that has clearly traveled the years, ..

...but his whole disposition has changed in those travels - thankfully. 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Went in Sweden

Today is #NationalDayofSweden. 

Image result for swedish flag

So today is a reminder all things Bjorn Borg (Happy Birthday Bjorn),Matts Willander,Stefan Edberg, Abba,Ikea,Nordic Noir ..etc .. and family generations,heritage including old Maps. 

Reminds me also of Went's visit to Sweden in 2008...
Image result for wentworth miller Sweden

Also made me think of this photo that I took recently..

As I took it I was thinking of Eleanor and Abel (Annette Sanford)- a book Went spoke about years ago. Eleanor happens to be a Swedish /Nordic name.

Sp have a great day Sweden and birthday wishes again to Bjorn - still playing Tennis with THAT topspin and backhand. 

And like Went and Dom - these two are also a great "double" act... still. 
#Bjorn Borg,#John McEnroe


.. and reminiscing

Monday, 5 June 2017


As with Manchester, life pushes on courageously in London's "almost normality", grieving respectfully, as important people start,and have to make, important decisions.

We learn of the Heroes who have appeared out of nowhere again to battle the adversity .

They are everywhere - Heroes. Demonstrated in different ways, but there when called upon. Each day ..or "as and when needed".

While Manchester vocally pulled together for both cities to powerfully remember the victims #onelove - time was also spent remembering the Heroes who bravely and selflessly rescued,supported ..saved.

In what ever context they appear,whoever they are - a hero who plays a small but significant part, or one who takes centre stage because they can - each played their part in recent tragic events. 

Heroes have been with us since time immemorial - and new ones appear at any moment.

Thank you to all for being there when it mattered most.You helped to save lives.

Prayers,love and thanks.


Merci Paris

Merci beaucoup # Supercon, # Paris pour un événement merveilleux. Je suis tellement heureux que tout le monde ait passé un bon moment et que les photos sont incroyables. xx

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

Wentworth - un amour et une lumière importants, essentiels et essentiels dans ma vie.

J'étais tellement ravi de le voir heureux, détendu et confortable à Paris.

Wentworth - an important,integral and essential love and light in my life.
I was so thrilled to see him looking happy,relaxed and comfortable in Paris.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bonjour Paris

As I write, a plethora of beautiful photos are coming out from #Paris.
They show a very happy,relaxed Went and Dom along with Caity,Rick and other amazing hero's.

@cinetelervue have been most kind taking video and a lot of the photographs as mentioned above. Also too at the organisers @peopleconvention feed. 
Merci beacoup xx

Below is just one example of what you can see on the instafeed of @cinetelerevue.

So many more and hopefully some footage posted on their YouTube channel.

Thank you Went - so pleased to see you looking happy on your birthday weekend. Looks like you had a nice start to the day. Also I'm glad to see that Went has sweeties on his autograph table!!.

While Went and Dom were literally having photos taken.... I heard this on the radio - remembering the concert that Went was at once (before Prince in Holland) ..

and keeping up the French theme..

...some Francoise for Went ...listening as I write.

and surfing for Dom


Friday, 2 June 2017

Origami Birthday

Happy Birthday Lovely Man. I love you.
Have a fabulous day and weekend.
Will send all this on to you at Cornett