Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Went Wrap

I adore the fact that Went has mastered the art of wrapping his jacket around his head,as a turban to protect from the scorching sun.Its probably also a disguise - (..we know Went's tendency to wear hats so we cannot "see him"..btw -Went don't wrap the turban in Vancouver - we know your jackets...

...and what stays in "Yemen"....!! ;0).

But it makes me smile to know that while he can "wrap" a turban (where ever he might be),he is still learning Origami (after 5 seasons) ;)

(That would SO have been my retrospective question at Oxford!!! i.e Why have you never rehearsed the Origami?? at least once over all these years??) LOL

I can do neither- but then I am not Michael Scofield.
#gentleribbing #salt&pepper,#lovealways 

Image result for wentworth miller turban
Image result for wentworth miller turban

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