Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Visual Impact of AIDS


Last week I saw an interview with a guy from Bristol university talking about the link above.

It was an incredible discussion when you consider and have lived through - the AIDS early impact and epidemic. Thank goodness for all the brilliant people who work tirelessly to give those in need, options that make lives better, more fulfilled and healthy.   

On Went's facebook there have been many important articles posted over the 3 years of his community page. One of those links was about Vito Russo - The Celluloid Activist and his posthumous film The Celluloid Closet.A powerful story.   

I was going to post the Bristol link here anyway - because it circles back to an earlier post of mine about a guy I knew for a brief time who is not only physically photographed with me, but remains photographed in my memory. He remains there because he was a kind,fun person respectful and great company. He thought he was full of vibrant life and vitality - for the time I met him he was. But within two short years he had died of AIDS. Sad and tragic. Many years ago too I also met a young woman who was infected..brave and adamant in her courage to defy the virus.

Recently I watched "Philadelphia" again with Tom,Denzel and Antonio.

Hadn't seen the film since Tom had won his Oscar.But the history,the impact and the lessons of it do not diminish.  

So...Yesterday visiting the David Hockney exhibition at the TateBritain (fantastic!!),I came across this art -below - as I toured the galleries.
A Visual Impact of AIDS.

The piece by Bronson,Partz and Zontal @ "General Idea" Collective 1988 based on Robert Indiana's design -LOVE.

Striking in its visual impact.. 

...and the ongoing message is still striking - despite the news from Bristol.. 
#safesex,#bloodtests,#nosharingofneedles #supportedsafedruguse ,#keepmindful,#protection, #health. #selfcare #HLGBT+ !!!

Thank you brilliant people and Bristol University for patiently researching and informing us all. 

#Lovelovelove (safely).. 


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