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#The Prisoners Dilemma - UK View

At episode 4 we have now begun to reach a key part of the show. The build up from 1-3 brought the UK viewers to a very strong episode - where jigsaw pieces are suddenly more accessible but still need placing in the right places.

So much to talk about ..

We learn that Theodore dislikes Kale smoothies,that Kellerman has the same issues with child care as any parent and that he is also trying to fathom, if not flush out "Poseidon ". Of course the quote back to Kellerman .."the enemy of my enemy is my friend"..was priceless. 

In the Kale wake of the kitchen scene the "bad guys" arrive rather aggressively with "Teddy" running to hide and brilliantly calling 911. We all need help sometimes!.

Further on, as he follows the "hair crew"/bad guys - easily distinguishable by matching severe hair cuts hence my naming of them -I saw and felt tangible excitement from Robert /Teddy when he stumbled across the "tete-a tete" .

"Behold the Villain"

Excitedly trying to photograph the rendezvous of the bad guys,T-bag frustratingly has to get the phone prepped and the angle right ready to capture the essential ingredient i.e a photo of Jacob with the hair crew.Finding a way and the means ,T bag dives into a shop front and captures the evidence. His adrenaline rush was palpable - important,puzzling and perhaps for Teddy,a genuine glimpse in to his own redemption.

The best scene of all - T bag trying to hide behind his gloved hand.
I, like Tom Hanks is known to do,wondered where the other glove might be (glove box?).  Always in pairs or was this specifically made to be ambidextrous? One pair fits both. 

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Back to Yemen with Linc fighting tirelessly to find Michael. While rescuing Sheba and pursuing calm negotiations with supportive allies including Benjamin,we see the cells in Ogygia. 

While in the cells we learn briefly about Michael's solitary confinement years while he too has to negotiate - much more vehemently - with Ramal.

The "S" and the Hole in the wall was brilliant. Used off camera by Went for his "snacks",the prop master was slick in replacing the Uri Spoon and "string" for onset action.Fun and tense - brilliant Prison Break. Fortunately Michael did not design Ogygia so the overhead pipe fell down easily when pulled - obviously not meeting the exact engineering and building standards of Joliet.

Escaping eventually - after observing some quick decision making processes from Michael one of which was Michael taking them to the Sick Bay! That was masterful. The calling of Sarah in his soul.

Leaving the confines via a wall,we learn too about why Whip is in prison and more importantly what "whip hand" actually means - saving the moment ready for Linc as the Calvary with a machine gun (Ho Ho Ho).Whip has also learned that Michael might be a father. He like Lincoln is discovering a new side to this man.Lincoln,meanwhile has escaped the flood of bullets in order to render his own in the defense of their safety. 

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Prior to that however we see Ja (Rick Yune) seeing and craving the natural sugars of fresh fruit on a stall in their escape path.

Not being able to resist, Ja eats (because he is hungry) and grumbles at Michael who - to be fair - is wondering why when you are running for your life,you stop to pick up a "peach" (unfortunately not Kale - a vegetable stall would have been less appealing). 

On camera I am with Michael - wasting time eating is "fruitless" minutes after just escaping,within the shadow of the prison and generally when on the run However, off camera I am with Rick - he knows no doubt that Went's pockets are full of M & Ms - likewise his ruck sack,his set chair pannier,his "trailer/tent" and his "cell wall"..etc etc. 

Also on this day I think Went had birthday cake at his party  - so the fruit moment should have a been a "cut" moment because Ja/Rick was hungry. Went can eat on the run - of that I am sure - #multitalented.

Of course, Dominic and Went were magnificent at their together moment - very powerful and tearful.  So this eppy sets up for tonight in the US - and Lincoln starting to ask Michael what we all want to know... who is he? where has he been? what has he been doing?.. (shopping for new Khaki's in Vancouver).!!

Fantastic - building nicely and consistently and loving it.
Thank you.
love love love

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