Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Meeting

I once saw an interview with Went and Kristin dos Santos early #PB years.
Went was handing over an orange jump suit to Kristin for her birthday gift. Kristin at that time was especially supportive of the show and conducted many of the now infamous interviews. Thanks to her for those moments (#CottonCandy;#Deep and Dirty ;#handcuffs,).

In that interview - a light, fun great interview - Went "cried" . He showed me at that moment how he can be Wentworth one minute and an actor the next.

Went being an actor is why I "met him" - why he is on "here". 

The tears were physiological. If Went took himself to a dark place - even in a moment of fun;in a breadth of a second - in order to "cry" then that moment was truly phenomenal. He "pretended to cry" and he pretended well.

I believe that as an actor Went can cry as he needs to. I am certain too that he spoke of that - early years.And I also recollect actors who have shared that they "cannot cry".

However,knowing that and watching Went grow even more into the role of an actor,his tears have moved me. His lack of tears have also moved me.

I still feel his heart break at the Silk dinner table;with his mother;at the funeral;on the train and especially at the "Golden Child" moment - when a tear eventually falls - polity,elegantly,resignedly. That pain I believed to be "real".

As Snart Went has moved me - with his younger self - telling Leonard not to allow people to mess with your head (not as easy as it sounds!!) and in poignant moments where Leonard reflects on who he is.Where he is.No tears. Still moving.And perhaps, in his altered ego state, moments of the Went psyche.

Evidence of both his Salt and his Pepper.

As Michael, every tear has been beautifully shed,moved me,made me cry and has completely taken us to the feeling of the moment. Went was using "his" dark places - going to them most times for those emotional scenes expressed in character.At times too,no doubt the physical prompting of tear ducts might have been used.

It is the art of acting,it is also the act of self preserving. 

Within scenes of tears,some scenes demand and get the full "heavy" emotional experience. Some scenes are "real" - they become "real" for the actor.

Went has delivered them all.Dominic too.

Working in strong partnership with Went,Dom is sharing and feeling his emotions differently but equally powerfully.These two men as actors and friends are continuing to meet each others deep,meaningful and vulnerable emotions and delivering them through their characters.
But what I see now of Went is different.Instead of Went going to the "dark places" - they are coming to him. They have come to him.

There is a meeting of his emotions,his heart and the physical. As Michael he is releasing Went's pain...not for the first time perhaps. But differently. 

That is my opinion. What I feel. What I see.

And the pain might be decades old -only just surfaced - or resurfaced due to Went's own self care in "rediscovering,reclaiming and cherishing his abandoned "self".(#FB The Disappointments Room Postbag). 

In the current Prison Break we are seeing phenomenal acting from all but especially Went and also Dominic.

Went is crying,sobbing,choking on words.It renders me speechless and in tears.

And always Proud. 

But we are seeing more than tears.

In Michael we are seeing "raw",painful,desperate fear and sadness but also relief and the hopeful feeling of safe return to the need,comfort and love he craves.  

And, as we have learned, Went is equally emotional - for Michael - on every take that is required. 

Went has always put his full emotions into Michael. He expressed on his FB page that we only see a third of Michael because of editing but the Michael we see now is Went "living" in the trauma of a past life - maybe conjoined lives since childhood. The meeting of actor and character minds - witnessed before but powerfully "felt" and watched now.The empathy and understanding of Went for Michael and the situation that Michael is in, I feel,is enabling Went to live the experiences through Michael perhaps more than he has ever done before.Transferring personal thoughts,feeling's....pain into character.
Exhausting but cathartic and I hope satisfying. 

Not every actor can do that. 

Because of Went's incredible portrayal  and because we have only seen a third of Michael 's full character,there is still so much to know and learn about Michael Scofield.

Moving forward,I see Michael in new situations exploring the sides of him not yet known to us.. or possibly even "himself". Because when all you have known is "prison" - one way or another -,the concept of what you do when you are "free" can divulge to the consciousness struggles of a different kind.

Thank you & I love you Went.

..and to all at Prison Break... 

Just. Awesome..

Love love love

A few of the Classic Favourite interview's with Went and Kristin Dos Santos (Veitch).

@3:30.."Sitting on the Tears" 2007 

Thanks to Kristin, Fox and You Tube'er's


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