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The Consequence of Escape


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I was reminded of Tom Hanks last night as I watched Went as Michael in episode 5. I have mentioned before the physical likeness - early years especially of Went and Tom.

Watching Michael (and the team) trying to escape Yemen,it was clear from Went, that Michael felt all the responsibility and burden on his shoulders - he expressed as much to Lincoln. Went - slumping as Michael- to the floor when his plan was appearing to go "haywire" (sorry !! :) ) was impactful. At that moment he was drained - and full of despair even though Lincoln was there with him. Michael's fight for everything dear to him - freedom,justice,love was "on the floor",wrapped by his body and his psyche.Physically,mentally and emotionally he was overwhelmed by the burden ..until Lincoln offered his hand.

The need then to overcome Michael's burden i.e.. the micro and macro prison environments,the need to escape,the plan (see what Captain Cold has to say about that in #theFlash) ...and the emotional,often traumatic journey that starts when you do. 

Rockmond too, as C-Note, expressing mixed emotions on his face,has escaped but will be dealing with guilt at leaving the guys behind knowing that he had no choice but to fly literally over their heads as Michael & co watched..(similar to Prison Break Season 1).

It made me think of Castaway,Sully and Captain Phillips. All 3 of those characters were in a Prison of one sort of another,needing to "escape"  and then cope with the trauma afterwards.

C Note has flown people to safety as did Capt "Sully" but as portrayed by the film,there appeared to be little time for Sully to be recognized as a person who had undergone - with his crew - a major trauma. He had to answer questions and care for himself. 

Later on, his delayed post traumatic stress (PTS)would really surface.

C Note - and all on his plane - might just land somewhere safe ,get off and disappear. Perhaps volunteer services to check the passengers but otherwise a covert operation with little background support. C-notes drive would be to return to find Michael,Linc and others so his PTS would be delayed also. As an army man he would know what that feels like but since the last seven years he has lived a quiet,gentle spiritual life - miles away in every sense from post traumatic stress.

Captain Phillips - another amazing true story and powerful performance - shows the immense  impact and the need for expert care in the aftermath - showing a complete contrast to Sully. Questions came later; the immediate care of the "hero" came first - had to. (As with Sully,I respect that the film version may not completely portray actual events. But ,like many other actors I trust Tom and the Director to tell the story as near to the fact as he is allowed.).

This incident,along with the Prison Break story line reminds me also of the "escape" of some of the Nigerian school girls released after years of trauma and the care that has been expressively commented upon that will be given in the aftermath. 

Cast Away - an idyllic island is still a prison if you cannot get off of it when you wish to.

The misunderstanding of the well meaning friends around Chuck at his returning party when they serve him "Sushi".Again the trauma of the experience .But this film was about returning to the love of your life when they have moved on - as Michael will to Sarah, and Chuck did to Kelly. Different over arc but still both women thought that both men were dead and both men were "incarcerated" knowing that their loves thought them dead. 

For Sarah there is all ready "that" feeling - in the gut - and on film - that Jacob is "involved" in Michael's disappearance somehow. For Kelly,Chuck was "lost" at sea - he was - technically - although Kelly kept him "spiritually" alive.
I often wonder about that cross road in the final scenes of Cast Away. The lovely lady with the "wings" probably rescued Chuck -along with Wilson,but I like to think that Kelly and Chuck, knowing that they loved each other still, were able to "keep" in touch with each other;to just know that the other was doing well.? Have their romantic love turn into a deep love that encompasses all - on every level - and gratefully,mutually accepting the level of love that could be given?

I like to think that Chuck and Kelly were able to do that.

With Sarah,Jacob and Michael - this is a different triangle. Sarah is a Scofield . Her son is a Scofield. 

They just want and need Scofield.

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