Friday, 26 May 2017

Seeing Clearly

Picked up the new glasses today.

Made me think of all the "glasses" pics we have ever seen of Went.Not sunglasses - glasses.

First I think was Princeton. Back stage for the theatre production. Obviously Adam ..and then Adam.. and then Michael and then Went in Sweden .. and then the Loft.. and Went in August.  

We see them as he goes about the day .. and in Telford - he wore them all weekend.

What is it about Went in glasses? 

In my opinion just as sexy as ever ;love him in or out of them. I just want his eyes - the window to the soul - to be rested,smiling and seeing clearly...

Reading answers to his postbag this week (thank you xx) I liked this one.
Seeing clearly in reverse...Can a person of the opposite sex fall in love with a homosexual person..?

The same answer applies...


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