Monday, 29 May 2017


The Insta moment fascinates me.
For both good and bad - if not hysterically bad reasons.

Firstly it is usually where I "see"Went - "the contact". I love the "real" informal pics the best. Someone out shopping and they meet Went as they navigate the supermarket aisles. As always he takes a few minutes out of his day to "make someone else's". Spontaneous and kind - of Went and of the Insta poster who "shares" their experience. Many of those moments have also been shared here - I am reminded of Sushi,near a luggage shop,standing near the pies,buying trinkets (with THAT twinkle in his eye),in a flea market,walking his way around Vancouver (mostly), buying coffee(!!) and under an umbrella.. to name just a few.

I love Wentworth and I love him as Wentworth the most.

I also like seeing Went on #PB and other work business - the upfronts,set stills etc etc. Great to see,to know and reassuring too. It may be work but it is great to see him and often hear him on those occasions also.

I also like the "other" photos.
People I like to know about,events,art,news.,places...photographs that inspire,interest,arouse and floor me because of their beauty,creativity and power. I try to follow such accounts. And real. Real people I know. 

However I am equally amazed to see constant narcissism..,for want of a better description - blatantly posted daily - by the minute or hour.

An example - a photo still of Went (or Dom ...etc) comes "out" from FOX or other agency. A person posts it and credits ..themselves. The next person reposts it and uses a "tool" to remove the other persons signature and then claims it as their own. I have at any one time the same picture of Went repeated 6 times all with a different signature on it - and not one of them crediting "FOX" - or the agency. I have even seen photos with an agency name on it that is also removed... with a new name,usually artistically written in a beautiful font - with longwinded account names. It is so blatantly obviously not their photo to name.

Then you have the fan accounts - any fan for any person - who suddenly overnight get thousands more followers - infact some fan accounts have more than the actual "personality " accounts"!!

It seems -as in life - you can "buy" followers with one aim in mind. It makes the account holder "look good" - like they know what they are talking about. If they have 25k followers for only 6 pics they must be in "the know". Actually the personality themselves is more "in the know" than any "fan". And why would genuine fans - not feathering their own gratificatious nest want to "out do " their "hero" anyway.? Reminds me yet again of the fairy tale fable.. Emperors New Clothes.

The constant strive for competitive narcissism - accounts that are based on the number of followers alone - not the content per se . 

If the content is good - genuine in its being,open friendly,never needing to tell people how many followers they have.. just posting relevant,important photos that impact - then the followers will follow anyway.

Some of course get desperate and post spoiler after spoiler after spoiler where PB is concerned. One has even posted the full written #PB ending - obviously this person is in the "know" - somehow.They have claimed it - their name is emblazoned across the post in beautiful font - so it must be theirs.
If you accidentally come across the account - your eye catches obvious words. According to numbers then half the world has seen the ending... (I exaggerate but only slightly).

(btw - "they" may have filmed two endings.. that would have been fun)... 

Another trend that is "growing" is that Went's photo often again from FOX et al is being used to "sell" the instaposters idea of that moment. I think any insta user needs to inform the organisation when they see that.

When the comment "link in bio" comes from a genuine organisation,personality or other verified account - there is an assumption of "trust" there. I trust that the Insta world monitors and moderates the "bio links" and the accounts as much as they can.

Sidebar - (As Went would say..)The constant use of the word Bio also makes it sound like we are in a "bio" world - biographical,biodiversity etc etc..

Posting photos so that people can enjoy them,learn from them,be motivated and encouraged by them - especially in hard times - is very powerful. I think most people who use the "insta" moment just want to enjoy life,share it and give the appropriate credit or acknowledgment where possible to the origin of the source. 

Meanwhile be genuine -be the real thing. Don't make the world anymore shallow. Raise your integrity. Don't pretend or try to own everything but quite rightly stand up for when you do.

Dom once said of Went that he had the highest level of integrity that he had ever known or seen.

Went is a beautiful man and I like to look at him - but if he didn't have that integrity then I wouldn't want to "know him". Or anyone - irrespective of how they look. Intuition and gut would automatically decrease the level of feeling on every level. 

Finally if anyone ever needs to know the genuine photographer,writer,publisher of work.. ask that person - who claims to be the genuine poster - what made them take that scene,what inspired them,where were they moments before they took the shot,what mindset were they in when the words came into their head..what were they doing that they stopped doing in order to produce the "work" they have posted .... their beautiful written font over a FOX or other Set Still photo.

#Raisethestandards #betheinstachange #intellectualproperty

#love xxx

Wentworth Road Trip 2016 @facebook

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