Thursday, 25 May 2017


As expected - because of the very high standard of the people involved within it - Prison Break is gathering in momentum,unveiled secrets,emotional scenes and not necessarily resolving the puzzle.

I mentioned previously that the meeting between Sarah and Michael was appropriate for the moment.

Deep tongue kissing would have been sensual and erotic - but not then. After all Michael doesn't really know if Sarah loves him,forgives him etc - at that moment all he knows is that his secret is "out",Sarah has needed to save his life, appears to be "his wife" in heart - still, and kept her promise to not call Mike Jnr - "Junior". 

Proud of them both - amazing work, Amazing writing.

All the moments captured now online of the episodes one week ahead or seen online is OK - as a long standing PB fan those "secrets" have never been kept - someone always want to be the first to get the "story out".

Irrespective the press also do that - and they are at last beginning to "understand" the concept of Prison Break - the subliminal processes put in place by the writers and actors in delivering this amazing story arc. Learning snippets of  "role" altering facts for some of the characters is just..clever,creative,mindblowing - and can open up further possibilities.

And who is Poseidon - really?? 

Went's story telling (because this is a Went blog) is just a joy to watch. Always has been. Whilst the tension and the trauma rise to the final episode,Went just keeps delivering - working hard for "us" and at the same time,I hope,gathering satisfaction and motivation from both his acting and the excellent production opportunity both he and Dom have had. Well done and thank you Sweetheart xx

Thrilled for all the #PB team too.*Applause*

Oh and the news about DVD release is linked above. We can sigh in relief.
Hopefully it comes with an Origami set inside.


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