Monday, 15 May 2017

#NewSeason6- A open discussion with Dana & Gary

I would really like an opportunity to talk to Dana Walden  and Gary Newman CEO's at FOX. Please.To share my thoughts about #renewals.

The discussion would be about a Season 6 of Prison Break.. and why I would like to see more episodes.
I would be polite and totally respectful... 

..,but then the passion of debate would show. 

I have enjoyed discussions with CEO's before. Mutually professional, interesting and healthy but appropriately challenging conversations.. .and passionate too. But usually the topic has been focused differently.

 Therefore in appreciating their precious time in allowing me to talk and  in politely listening ,I would ask them to engage in some Prison Break interaction.

I would  them to put themselves in Michael and Sarah's shoes... whoever and however they wish to wear them.

In those shoes I would ask them to consider this story arc...

Here comes the  narrative....

'Wouldn't it be fascinating to see Michael coming to terms with Freedom; a son and a Wife.. in whatever relationship triangle is left from Season 5.?
What kind of day in the life would Michael lead in comparison to The Kind of Day in the Life that the majority of people lead ? By general definition .

How would #PB fans interact with a Michael (and others) who isn't in a Prison attire ? Who isn't confined ...??  Who takes his son to school... how would Michael realistically cope with his low latent inhibition in this new setting/life/story arc. ?
Might it become unmanageable.? Take on another aspect not previously seen? "

This and more I would ask and talk about in the grateful discussion and conversation with Dana Walden and Gary Newman at FOX.

Finally I would use the word 'love' - (...yes I know that the viewing figures are important., but so are matters of the heart..) 

More passion...,

" ...And  I want to see a different kind of love in the Prison Break Out Tool Belt. The Family The Brothers... season 5 has raised that bar.. the definition of what love actually means to Michael might be different to what we would expect.?..

And this is a Went blog... 

I have loved watching Went this season extend his capabilities and take us in 'deeper' ,within the role of Michael. In my opinion,there is more to be tapped - a side of him not yet fully explored - or perhaps just has to be revisited.  

So I apologise Dana and Gary for taking up your valuable time 

...but I'll never apologise for my loyalty and belief in Wentworth in whatever he is asked to or chooses to deliver.

Thankyou for 'listening' in hopeful
consideration for the future Season 6 Prison Break.

Respectfully Yours


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