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Posted on Went's #FB page last night.Intriguing.Enlightening.Thank you.
Mailbag (6.1)
Awesome questions, guys. You'll find my answers below.
With luck I'll have the time and bandwidth to produce 6.2 shortly.
Meanwhile, thanks for all the support and positive feedback.
It means so much. And if you're watching/enjoying the new season of PB, I'm glad.
- W.M.
* * * * *
Q: how are you today ?
A: I'm well. Thanks for asking.
Good to know xx
Q: Do you enjoy foot rubs?
A: I do indeed.
Marvellous!! ;)
Q: I see you in those pictures from paparazzi and You always have two coffee
(starbucks ) in you hands one its cold and one its hot wondering wich one its yours ????
A: The cold one. Then the hot one.
But Is'nt the Hot one Cold by the time you have drunk the Cold one
(PMF with Java Chips??)
Q: How do you feel knowing that you aré important to thousands of people
to whom Your experience and self-care have helped a lot?
A: Honored. Grateful. Inspired. Overwhelmed. Humbled. (Repeat.)
Likewise Went, know you is to be....
Q: how can you be so f-cking pretty?
A: Genetics.
Pretty is as Pretty does.. I think you said that once (not T-bag).
And genetics helps too.
Q: Do you now or in the future see yourself starting a family and getting married..
A: It's not on my "to-do" list, but I wouldn't rule it out either.
I wrote a "To Do" list the other day - that wasn't on there either.. LOL
Yes best to keep your options open
when "love lightening strikes" the world takes on a whole new meaning!!.
Q: Willy you marry me??
A: No. But thank you.
Excellent question..Who is Willy ?
Q: at this point in your life would you ever or are you considering writing an
A: Yes, I've considered/would consider it.
And I would be honored to help you in any way I could with that #proofreader
#wentfactreminder etc. Get you stuff from the fridge..etc.. and obviously ,read it!!
Q: how are you processing an entire day without any company and are you
taking this "loneliness" as a taboo or a treasure?
A: "Treasure." The older I get, the more I find I prefer my own company. Which I take as a positive. A sign I'm learning to love myself. And that, IMO, is the work of a (or my) lifetime.
Interesting - how did "we" know that you are on your own most of the day -
when not filming obviously... ?
Many do prefer their own company - a very introverted pastime - often misunderstood but needed for growth and nurture. I'm glad that you are comfortable in that space xx
Q: I remember reading somewhere that you like to play board games.
What's your favourite one?
A: "Mastermind" by Invicta Games. Also "Simon" by Milton Bradley.
Both great games.Reminds me of ToyRUs and a pieman. :)
Q: What's your favourite Hitchcock film and why?
A: "Shadow Of A Doubt." "SOAD" + Dracula + "The Stepfather" (1987 version) +
We Have Always Lived In The Castle + assorted odds and ends = "Stoker"
It would have been great if Alfred could have done and agreed to film a "Cameo"
in Stoker as a nod to his creative inspiration, that helped inspire your writing

Q: What are some good books to read? What do you want to read?
A: The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller (no relation) is on my nightstand.
Unread (so far). But it came highly recommended.
Seems fitting in the current Prison Break Season
with the overarching Greek Mythology

Q: I just wondered if you had a favourite flower/plant?
A: I'm partial to roses. I like 'em sassy and shameless. Over-the-top.

I love that you like roses.

Q: No question, just a thank you for coming out and saving lives by talking
about saving yours.
A: To know my story is woven into other people's stories... which means theirs are woven into mine... that touches my heart.

Q: With Peter Capaldi retiring after this series, do you think you'd ever be
open to playing the Doctor?
A: That's a "Doctor Who" question, right? I'll tell you a secret... just between us...
onscreen and off... I have very little interest in time travel. Maybe it's because I've
already spent so much of it "checked out?" Dwelling on the past and dreaming of the
future? It feels like the challenge - the invitation and the work - is to be here now.
In the present.
It is and has to be

Q: how do you know when to trust your feelings and when not to?
A: I've heard the way to tell the difference between a "gut" response (trustworthy)
and an emotional response (less trustworthy) is this: When it's your gut speaking to you,
there's no emotion attached. Your gut is impartial. It's like getting advice
from a (good) lawyer.
GutFeeling.= Nature's gift

Q: who has been the most influential person in your life ?
A: Me.

Yes - I can "see that".
Your journey thus far documented in different ways tells that story.

Q: I'm currently watching everything you're in!!! So,ooo what are you watching?!
A: I don't watch much TV anymore. Except on planes. Then I'll watch
"Big Bang Theory" back-to-back.

And who do you identify with the most, character wise?

Q: When did you start singing?
A: I'd have to ask my mother. But I'm guessing the cradle?
I were hungry. Like most babies. :)
Q: where would you like to travel and how ( backbag adventure to meet people ?
Or hostel with everything planned? )?
A: Easter Island and "everything planned." (Apparently it's not the easiest place to get to.)
Interesting - both from your perspective and culturally.
Time Travel might help here!! LOL
The Polynesian Stones are similar historically to Stonehenge in the UK,so I have heard
Q: what is your go to healthy snack.
A: Raisins and Fuji apples.
..and how often do they "win" over M&;M's ? ;)

Q: Fruit on pizza - yay or nay?
A: Yay.

Yay.. just no anchovies

Q: do you cook?
A: No. But I did whip up a batch of hardboiled eggs last week.

Augustus helped you? Make scrambled eggs? LOL

Q: if you could change one thing either in current day or in the past what
would it be and why?
A: I'd care (even) less what other people think.
Helen Mirren once said that she would have told more people to F-ck off - similar.


Q: If you could choose a Shakespeare character to play, which one would be and why:
Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Julius Caesar...?
A: The answer is E: "None of the above." I enjoy a little Shakespeare from time to time,
but only as an audience member.
Yep - A J or a R Fiennes helps me a lot

Q: I start GCSE drama next year. I sometimes get very nervous around people,
how do you calm yourself down when you get up in front of everyone?
A: You know, my acting coach used to say, "No one's going to pay money to watch
you be comfortable." What people want is "uncomfortable." That's where the juice is.
Actors have built entire (and very lucrative) careers out of being nervous, playing
channeling nervous energy... "I'm the nervous guy!" (Or gal.) That can look comedic
or dramatic or both. Who knows? "Nervous" might be your "thing." Instead of suppressing
it or calming it, try stepping into it. Embracing it. Speaking and moving and creating
from that (charged) place.
You may find there's something there for you.

Useful advice in life too.. as below

Q: as I just moved to LA to act, what do you find is the best way for you to get in
touch with your vulnerability?
A: A tip I remember from class: Write down a secret you would never - like, ever -
want anyone to know on a piece of paper. Put it in an envelope, seal it, then give it to
your scene partner to keep in their pocket until the scene's over. You can also write
something to/about your scene partner. "I love you." "You are without talent." Etc.
(Hello, vulnerability.)
Q: Previously you have written that there exists, in you, a patriarchy,
feeding your mind poisonous lies that change is impossible. Does there exist,
in you, a matriarchy and if so, does it have a message for your inner activist?
A: I believe I said a "negative" patriarchy. Patriarchies can be negative or positive (IMO). Ditto matriarchies (IMO). (Side note: I've also spent time considering whether there exists, in me, alongside a streak of "toxic masculinity," one of "toxic femininity." And what that might look like.)
Back to your question. I imagine my (positive) matriarchy might speak to me about the ways in which I can "mother" myself. For starters.

Deep thoughts and reflections that we all could do with exploring

Q: do you currently suffer much prejudice?
A: No. I'm not conscious of suffering much in the way of (obvious) prejudice.
Not compared to some. I'm (usually) able to navigate any number of spaces that the
next person - because of their (perceived) race or (perceived) gender/sexuality or
(perceived) state of mental health - cannot.
Not without incident. #privilege
Thankfully.You have had it in the past .
And I think you were worried before the letter to Russia in 2013
that you might suffer it again.?
Your brothers and sisters were suffering so you stepped in
..and the "world" just loved you more
Q: I have no idea how to start writing a book about my experiences the stigma
and the battle I fought and am fighting with PTSD, I have so much I want to share,
I am an ex nurse, rebuilding my life in recovery. If you were me how would you start,
there is book inside my head, but the lies myself doubt tells me stops me from
moving on.
A: Chances are you've got various go-to stories you like to tell about your experiences.
Pick one, get yourself a recording device (there are apps for that),
pretend like you're talking to a friend, a patient, a family member... and tell them the story.
What you've just recorded is what I like to think of as your authentic narrative voice.
(One of them anyway. Stories can and will change significantly depending on your audience.)
Write down exactly what came out of your mouth, edit it (or not),
and you've got the first page (or five) of your book.
Amazing. #PTSD

Q: This is not a question, I've already posted that but I have a need to send
this simple greeting to you to tell you how much I miss you and that I
hope that you're ok and that I love you very much.
A: Thank you. I miss you guys too. xox
Thank you Went

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