Monday, 8 May 2017


Meanwhile back in Atlanta.. Rockmond,Robert, Amaury met up with Jodi-Lyn. How amazing is that? Another reunion that is lovely and heart warming - leaving a couple of their "dubious #prison break characters aside that is. Filming "#BLEED". 

As they dine,and as previously filmed on Prison Break ,Went aka Michael is peering around corners and walking into a nicely decorated hallway. This tells me that a reunion with Son (and Sarah) is near...

...or that tense meeting with Jacob.

As found all ready - the tissue box will also be close at it has been from the start of season 5. #love #hearts

Furthermore Jacob/Mark has completed his origami crane and is showing it to the neighbours aka the World This is very annoying - especially as he has only been in this series.

However,even if in "time lapse" he has a brown paper crane in the mail box - (which is where he hides them so that Sarah can't see.. 

Of course it is highly possible and a lot more logical that Michael (or maybe Went - or maybe Dom ..after much paper folding..) left the Crane in the mail.

Looking forward to this episode.

While all of this is being played out,I am enjoying Paul's book - #The Far Shore - while smiling and sympathizing with Mrs Wilmott about to hurtle down what looks to me like Thunder Mountain ... or similar .

As always I continue looking forward to more great screen shots and episodes of #Prison Break to come...

..Meanwhile a year ago I was in Paris where, this year Paris has elected - and from the British press - it is all about the love story between Emmanuel and Brigette.

Love stories always get through in the end.

Love xxx 

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