Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Love to Pieces

While doing some Wentsearch today for a particular project,and in light of his coming birthday,I was reminded of a moment in time.

That was the time in 2009 when I visited Shakespeare - prior to visiting Chipping Norton.

I have sent Went many things linked to the Bard over the years and he admits that he has only a passing interest in the works whilst appreciating their significance in English and overall literary history.

Me too.

The "Shakespeare" has always been about the place Stratford Upon Avon - a nice place to visit with Olde Worlde Shops and obviously the home of Will,the Theatre and links to all the famous who have trodden such boards. Yes I have seen the fabulous Ralph Fiennes in Richard III and Joseph is a favorite .."in love.".

But when I was in Stratford, there I saw for the first time, a most obvious gift for Went.

En route to the Bards actual home you of course can go through the suitably nearby attached and decorated gift shop - full of everything William including his plays,quotes and love inspired works for Anne Hathaway

You buy any gift with a chip and pin rather than Silver Shilling. The appeal of the old and the new made me think that Went would like it.

Oh and the jigsaw.

I found a Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw that day. Who else was I going to buy it for?

Remembering that Went was sent jigsaws by his father in his Dinotopia down time* days,I thought that he would like a jigsaw ...with his name on ( *interview with Tyron Leitso a few years ago). 

Classed as having..." a precision laser cut ,a unique whimsy shape,being a British made classic and is a rewarding challenge".. sounded perfect. I bought the "W" size - obviously.

A poster also of the .."All the Worlds A Stage" was put in the gift basket.

Bought then - sent later - along with the second hand book bought from the Chipping Norton bookstore on 11.11. 09.

So The Wentworth Jigsaw is the link to William as it made me smile and I hoped he smiled too.

And of course it was sent with... "love to pieces.."

Below - Roses and the Kitchen Cupboard - both dear to "our" heart.
Love x


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