Saturday, 13 May 2017

In Narration...

Thinking back on past travels as I plan ahead for new ones, this video signifies how far Went has travelled - emotionally,metaphorically and physically since December 2014.

The HRC moment was incredibly powerful in 2013,but this small clip is more powerful to me.

It was the first time that Went had been seen on the Red Carpet for 4 years. When I saw him,early in the UK morning live from LA I remember the feeling of relief , and even more so in the relief of his words. Pleased as always to see him,I felt a deep emotional response because I had been worried about him. Just me. Just my vibes. So the relief was very tangible

The Flash with Captain Cold was yet to be seen;Legends of Tomorrow was an idea in the making;Prison Break reboot was possibly all ready muted and beginning to be discussed ;all the photo and VT moments from upfronts,TV interviews and Comic Con's were in the diary and a known probability;the Social Media was beginning;the essays were written or being added to;his Attitude was changing.. and I was still trying to recover from the impact of #Augustman

I was comforted and reassured by his presence here. Went spoke of future plans but in the freedom and joy of "coming out" ...

..and he has come out in many different ways since then.

As the last 3 years show,Went has projected his inner activist,conversed on paper and openly with groups of people in intimate Q & A sessions discussing everything from his Family Tree to Mental Health and Depression;his own processes of creativity in writing and acting; analysis of his own character profiles and how they interact with Dominic amongst others.

I have observed Went to be more expressive,funny...relaxed. Open and transparent - prepared to respond and answer - and even do some Origami. Went's self care has been openly shared and expressed reminding us all to take the time we need to look after ourselves.

He has raised and reached new heights in his professional career; co-producing #PrisonBreak;Taking on very physical fight choreography; maturing into a new version of himself within the psyche of Michael as a husband,lover and family man and has continued to become even more of a well respected,loved and strong leadership figure by his peers.He has turned his alter ego,Leonard into a masterful performance of comic book devilish fun and anti-hero - his coldness hiding churning passion underneath.

Went's work ethic has always remained the same in his preparedness and delivery but there is a change in him that I have noticed over this period of time.

I am grateful for it. The change is healthy,demonstrable,sexy and beautiful. That is what I see - understanding that emotions,motivations and anxious moments still challenge at times,like us all,underneath.

What I am grateful for the most however,is that encouraged by his growth and change Went nevertheless remains the same person-by that I mean his values,his integrity and his "big heart" warmth and I love him just the same if not more as the time goes by.

Continuously proud of his achievements that includes both his personal and professional journeys.

Love love love

and - just for fun and in trying out "new things", my narration of the blog above. Complete with a couple of changes from VT to blog and a Pink Duck.

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