Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Gloss and The Glow

So all the fans go home after the "touch base" with their particular "Hero".

Some go back to others,i.e other "Hero's" higher up on their "love" list. 

Some were there because it was a dream come true.

Others were there because the hero was just another name to tick off as having "met".

Others were there because it was their job ..

..and others were there in "spirit" because they couldn't be there - as they didn't have a ticket - for whatever reason.

Captain Cold wasn't there - "hero is not on my resume.."- he once said. 

So Went and Dom were there as heroes - both in their own right and in the roles of Michael and Lincoln.

The Hero's are finishing the weekend events or are all ready "flying". An exhausting schedule of turnaround,flights,talking and answering and photos. The smiles, always hoping to be the kind of smile that will forever be captured in time,on the glossy 10x8 that will,quite rightly,take pride of place if you are the "dream come true" fan ..

.. or in the folder prepared if you are the  "alwaysgotoaconventionfan".

Some lives will be changed forever from that moment - a warmth,a smile an incredible excited and emotional,deep feeling - forever brought back when the photo is looked at. The memory,that feeling of the second in time, is captured both in gloss and in glow.The feeling of happiness and gratefulness at the opportunity and standing next to the person who makes your world complete - at that moment or all moments..The moments,the photographs.the memories are so important.They can sustain and support.

Others will feel on a far less deeper level . The excitement will always pervade but the deeper feeling will dissipate because the next convention is coming and another "hero" will replace the "mood".

For those who couldn't be there - lives are forever changed too.  

I know of a young man who has tickets for a huge convention coming up soon. He has worked so hard to earn the money,save it and get someone also to accompany him. The last time I saw him we spoke of his excitement,how lucky he is to be able to go,the plans he has made to get there.
I understood all of that and hope that he just has the most fantastic time. 
As I am sure everyone did at Telford this weekend.

Whatever Convention Category Fan you come under, everyone attends in the "spirit" of the event and in the moment.Thanks again to those who shared their photos.

#Love and thanks as always to Went and Dom, with thanks also to the team from the Flash for coming to the UK, and to RogueEvents for inviting them.
Have a safe journey home xxx


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