Friday, 19 May 2017

From Rupert to Reading to Yemen ....

For those who study such things my mind/brain has been to all these places so far today..

its 10.31 and I have been awake since early am. 

First things First..

Reluctance to get out of bed..
(Not the only person in the world who has to use a bathroom) #ARaisinintheSun 

..and then..
Check overnight news,Wentworth,Prison Break,CW..

So why..??
So sad..Chris Cornell - We know your name! 

James Bond


Monthly payment
Films:-..Educating Rita
Shirley Valentine

What was the name of THAT film..?

Ah yes..
Personal Services

Child Abuse Sex Crimes Rochdale -Three Girls


Did the BBC remember that .?

Twitter - looked up 

Rupert Everett..

By accident 

Found this..

and this - Three Sisters at Parkslope Brooklyn...

Listened to this.

Rupert - @wiki.

Links to :- 
Vicomte deValmont
Marquise de Merteuil

Reminds me of all the letters sent....  

Found this - Sarah and LOTR 

Meanwhile back to Rupert...
His fight for Sex Workers

his amazing vocal delivery..of Byron

Found this - at the same time...

Artists and Writers in (Reading) Prison .. now that seems very familiar to me..

Artists including a writer in Prison.. @FOX

Image result for prison break screen stills season 5

Very interesting and powerful. So pleased to have found this - thank you Rupert.

To Ben.(James Bond)...To Ralph Letter of Separation..

"De Profundis" - to Oscar Prison

Reading.. to Yemen ..
Image result for prison break screen stills season 5

and ..back to Rupert ...childhood,Red Carpets ..

and Stubble...

Image result for wentworth miller unshaven

and brainwaves..

Love xxx

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