Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Contains ~Spoilers

Woke this morning to some mixed reviews from last nights Prison Break aired in the #US.

Mixed bag - Prison Break has always created this dichotomy . 

The most harsh is by Spoiler TV and is worth reading. Of course it does what it says it will do - that is "Spoil" so before I go any further I wish to remind all the non US visitors that this blog contains Spoilers - so wait until next week if you wish to read the post- episode comments.

So back to the one of the harshest reviews - infact so harsh I am slightly worried about the over arching story line - behind "their " scenes.I wrote about critics before and what a difficult job they have . That was around the time - May 2015 - when Went was a judge at the Poland Film Festival.
But this review is still worth reading - because all of us viewers are allowed to make up our own mind.

I haven't seen the episode yet.

A couple of points I immediately responded to - in my head whilst reading..
Firstly -Sarah and her coming to terms with Jacob..etc..
All I am going to say here is this. 

Put yourself in actual shoes when your gut and logic tell you one thing but your heart and logic say the opposite." Been there. In those moments you act however you need to until you come to terms with the "issue". That is what Sarah is doing.

Also the term "milking it" is mentioned.  Well I know many "milkers" - they are all around at every level. There are good and bad - full cream and skimmed - depends what they are milking.!. Many milkers skim and skate their way through life thinking people - the people they are milking - don't notice or don't know . Depends where and when the line is drawn.  

What I know - and feel in my gut - is that I trust the actors and writers.., particularly Went, Dom, Sarah, Amaury, Robert,Rockmond, Paul... I trust their integrity and have faith in the work that they do. I know that they believe in the work that they deliver.

I know - through them - that the subliminal emotions under the surface and behind the scenes plays a part in what they deliver. Each episode of #PB could be 2 hours long and the deep rooted fans know the background of relationships and emotions that cannot be explored to the fullest in the time attributed to each episode.. .

But harsh opinions - I prefer constructive criticism - should be taken on board,listened too and if and where necessary - addressed..

..but not milked 

On a very positive note - so lovely to see Sarah again thankyou. Beautiful words about Wentworth - "He is Immediate.We can improv.. and there is trust. He is a very good writer.Our scenes were intense and we gave each other big hugs.".. I love working with Wentworth..."



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