Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Over the years I have been lucky to have attended a few "Commencements". Important family occasions ,Graduations as they are also known,are those milestones that formalize completion and the beginning of a new path on the journey from the one started years before.

I have also watched some of the Commencement speeches for 2017.

Oprah - yet another inspirational Commencement at Agnes Scott ; Will Farrell at USC.. who can sing.. ; Dame Helen Mirren who talks Tatts and Feminism without Procrastination at Tulane in NOLA. The always happy and humble Pharrell at NYU  - superb speech..;Sheryl Sandberg at Virginia Tech continuing to empower women as does Senator Elizabeth Warren at UMass who continues to inspire social change and political agenda's.

All interesting and amazing speeches in their own right. Farrell can sing as can Pharrell but of them all,Pharrells' was the most enlightening. 

I am used to him bringing us amazing music but here he also delivered an amazing speech. Another side to a hugely talented guy.

Only some of the speeches - and so many other great ones over previous years. Congratulations to all those who graduate in 2017.May they all continue to inspire us. 


Love xx


With Honors

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