Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Collaborative Creativity

Last night in the UK we saw episode 8 -Progeny.

Fact:- Went has now acted in two episodes in two separate shows; for two separate media organisations both called Progeny - a  unique Crossover of the Coincidental Kind(?). 

Also Fact :- the last episode will be aired tonight in the US. 

The Most Factual of All : - This season is/has just been phenomenal. Building each week,with acting,writing, and delivery of both ,lifting the bar (sorry Dom) one more notch from the previous week. 
As the writers told us it would. 
As "we who have always had faith" knew it would. 
And it did. 
And it has.

I thank them all for bringing "this" to "us".. although "thanks" doesn't feel enough.


I am grateful for the virtual experience and the opportunity.

I thank Michael Scofield especially (and Leonard Snart) too. Those characters are responsible for pushing Went's acting creativity to a new place that we - as the audience- have seen unfold over the last few months/years

Not just Went either - so impressed with other Prison Break characters - the regulars and the new - Dominic.Sarah. Robert. Rockmond. Amaury.Augustus. Christian.Rick. Mark - who has moved on so far from "Ways and Means" - being so mean and so good at being the bad guy that we love/hate him more than we ever love/hated "Teddy".... 

The other  "Bad guys" Marina. Steve and the lovely Inbar. 

All of them. 
On set. 
In and out of camera shot. 

and of course...

Paul,Mike, Vaun (..I loved the Wilmott Airport link..).. the Exec Producers.. FOX.

Collaborative creativity at its finest.

Seriously guys - as we all await the final episode - you have delivered what you promised you would. A unique and compelling,thrilling and exciting Season 5 Prison Break. I hope you feel proud and satisfied of what you have brought to "life".

Grateful thanks xx
and Love

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